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What is Static Hair? – Definition, Prevention, Products

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Definition – Static Hair

“It is a physical process, like two magnets that repel each other.” When this happens, the hair tends to stand on end, stick to the face, and knot – short hairs and frizz are typical characteristics of static hair. This type of condition is commonly the result of two things (or a combination of both): the weather and the hair’s health.

If there is low humidity and the air is dry (common in colder winter months), an electrical charge is generated, which means that the hair is more likely to have static. It, along with dry or dehydrated hair, leads to the perfect conditions for frizz appearance.

Why Static Hair Occurs?

As I have already mentioned, fine hair is the hair most affected by this phenomenon, but it is not the only one.
People with slightly thicker or curly hair also suffer the consequences of a build-up of static electricity.
It will create due to being in contact with materials that accumulate an excess of electrical charge. An excellent example of this is combing our hair with a plastic brush or putting on a wool hat.

How to Prevent Static Hair?

Here we tell you the ten steps to follow to prevent static in your hair and show off an incredible mane.

An essential thing to do is to treat dry or dehydrated hair first. Cut your hair; the longer your hair is, the more likely it is to form static; the recommendation is to do it every three months. Be careful with color changes: dyes weaken the hair, especially if your color is very different from the original. Lastly, give your hair a deep moisturizing treatment weekly with a special mask.

Choose products designed for dry, dehydrated, or damaged hair. Use a hydrating conditioner as it will keep your hair moisturized and replenish hydration levels. It will decrease the likelihood of build-up by adding more moisture to your hair. “In winter, feel free to apply more conditioner than normal,” advises Dr. Roos.

  • When brushing your hair, avoid using a plastic or acrylic comb. It increases the static charge on the hair. Also, you should put a little water on your comb or brush before using it, as this can help combat flakes and frizz.
  • Reflect using a humidifier in your bedroom. It not only prevents the hair from drying out but is also beneficial for the skin.
  • Use hats and scarves wisely. When the material hat or scarf rubs against strands of your hair, it causes electrons for exchange. It results in an accumulation of electrical charge in your hair, mostly it will be of synthetic materials. Option for hats and scarves made with silk or satin lining, especially in winter. The softer the fabric, the less likely friction will occur.
  • Use leave-in products. These can keep your hair hydrated while defending against harmful weather conditions.
  • Try Argan oil. This powerful ingredient helps replenish lost moisture and can combat dry hair.
  • Avoid using hairdryers and straighteners as much as possible. Over-drying and overheating your hair can cause it to expand and static. If this happens, a useful trick is to apply a small amount of water to your hands and soften your hair. It will neutralize the static charge.
  • If air drying is not a possibility, consider an ionic hairdryer. This tool works by releasing negative ions that separate the water molecules. As a result, hair dries faster, and heat damage will reduce.
  • Don’t over wash your hair. Pollution and dust don’t contribute to static hair, but washing too much does. It removes sebum, resulting in coarse, dull hair that is susceptible to tangling and static electricity.

Five Easy Ways to Prevent your Static Hair?

Use a good conditioner. Pantene conditioners offer a double shot of protection for virtually static-proof hair. Our conditioners contain a blend of moisturizing nutrients that affect every layer of hair fiber. Moisturizers release static-causing charges while protecting hair from friction that results in bristly hair.

Use a metal comb in its place of a plastic one. With metal, loads are transferred from your hair to the comb and not the other way around, allowing you to detangle your hair without losing its manageability. Choose silk instead of wool for your scarf and hat lining. Wool fibers are sadly known for transferring static to your hair fibers, but smooth silk glides on smoothly without adding friction.

Carry a hairspray with you for touch-ups on the go A quick spray of hairspray will put static back in place while helping your hair maintain the look you want. We recommend Pantene Airspray: it does not contain alcohol and offers a flexible hold without stiffness and without being sticky.
Use a humidifier to reappearance moisture to the dry indoor air. Your skin will thank you, tool.

How can Eliminate Static Hair?

Do not wash your hair daily. Washing your hair frequently causes your hair to have much more static electricity. If you have no choice, use a shampoo with conditioner included that does not have detergent; it is a great solution to have super hydrated hair and an easy way to eliminate static electricity. And if you are one of the brave, finish the last rinse with cold water. Choose the best towel for your hair. A towel with ultrafine fibers will suit your electric hair very well.

Well, because it can better absorb water and moisture from the hair and dries it nine times faster than cotton towels. Avoid woolen garments. Do it as much as you can, as wool is undoubtedly enemy number one.
There are some cosmetic products that you can use if you want to remove static electricity from your hair.

What are the Products to Remove Static Hair?

Conditioner shampoo without detergent. It keeps hair super hydrated and keeps electricity at bay.
You are finishing repair cream. It is one of the most effective products for splendid hair, and you will control it without adding weight or dirtying it.
Serum for slightly thicker hair. It is better than oil in these cases.
Natural bristle brushes. Never comb hair with brushes or plastic combs. It is imperative to choose the meeting with which we are going to comb our hair well.

Suppose you use an iron, better with steam. It will help moisturize your hair, thus avoiding static electricity.
The alcohol-free hairspray is perfect for a moment of trouble. Apply to hands and run over hair. You can also do it with the brush, but do not forget to clean it afterward. Spray wax can also help. Of course, apply it at a distance of about 30 cm.

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