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The Importance of Sexual Health When You Are in a Relationship

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Importance of Sexual Health – Trust, understanding, and mutual respect are essential for a healthy relationship, especially when sexually active.

Rather than assuming your partner is free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or experienced in the bedroom, you must have an open discussion about each other’s sexual past, experiences, and health issues.

It might not feel a natural conversation to have with a partner, but it is essential to do so for your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and sexual confidence and comfort.

Continue reading to learn about the importance of sexual health in a relationship.

Sexual Comfort

It doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced or have had one or more sexual partners in the past; there is no reason to rush into intercourse or oral sex with a new partner.

If the thought of sex is distressing or you feel you need to drink alcohol to do so, you might not be ready to enter a sexual relationship with a partner.

For this reason, you must talk about both your feelings on sex when entering a relationship to ensure you’re on the same page. You mustn’t feel pressured into having sex if you’re not emotionally ready.

Once you feel ready, you can become more familiar with your body by using a vibrator or dildo alone or with your partner. It can help you start off gently and identify your likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

You can then move onto penetrative sex with your partner using their fingers, a penis, or a strap-on. Find the perfect sex toys to improve your sexual comfort and pleasure at

Sexual Protection

If you are planning to or have had sex with a partner, you must ensure you practice safe sex to protect against STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

Every sexual orientation is at risk of contracting an STD if sexually active, which includes oral sex or touching.

An unplanned pregnancy or STD can be life-changing, which is why you must have a frank conversation with your partner about their sexual past.

Also, you must decide on the best forms of contraception to protect you both during sex, such as:

  • Condoms
  • Birth control (Combined pill, emergency pill, etc.)
  • Contraceptive devices (implant, IUD, IUS, etc.)

Even if your partner is loyal to you, you might still have a risk of contracting an STD if they have had one or more sexual partners.

For this reason, you both should consider taking a test to confirm you don’t have any diseases before having sex.


Sexual comfort and protection are essential in any romantic relationship. You must never feel pressured into a sexual activity or not using a form of contraception, as this can lead to physical and emotional trauma, an STD, or an unplanned pregnancy.

Also, you must only have sex when you feel ready to do so, and you can introduce sex toys to become more familiar with your body, identify your likes and dislikes, and feel more confident and comfortable during sex.

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