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In response to the numerous questions we receive from guest bloggers (Health “Write for us”) to post on the blog Beauty Smasher, we decided to put together a short guide online that answers most questions. People regularly come to us to find guest posting opportunities.

Contact us via Email for a Beauty Guest Post at

So the first answer is yes (beauty  “write for us”), and Beautysmasher (in the future: BS) accepts articles from authors, bloggers, and outreach agencies.

If you would like to publish your guest articles (write for us for health reasons) on Bs, we encourage you to read the instructions below and follow them to the best of your ability (write for us neatly).

“Write for us” as contributing authors to the Beauty Guide!

How to Submit

To submit an article, please email us at Our team will get back to you within 12 hours.

In the “Write for us” fashion collaboration:Fashion Write For Us

The copyright fits to you. You can always be the owner of your guest article which you provide us (Beauty, “Write for us”). All contributions to our Website (beauty + “write to us”) are under a Artistic Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This means that you are the main owner of your guest post (Health and Beauty “write to us”) and allow others to share, copy, match, distribute, perform and communicate publicly.

As long as you accept it as a guest blogger (beauty + write to us) share it under the same license and make derivative works of it as long as it is not used for commercial or profit purposes.

Publications (Health “Write for us”) are public, meaning that invited authors are not financial rewards for their publication. In addition to the links (“write for us”) to their blogs (write for us about health and beauty) that are published on this blog, the publication will receive approval (guest post) in an authoritative medium with more than 16 years of online status. They mean “health” or websites.

Guest Article Content Health Write For Us

Health Write For UsBefore you start writing an article (“Write for us” mode), you must first bring up an interesting topic for your blog post (Write for us Beauty), the content of which should be directly related to our blog articles.

Select 2-3 possible headings for the lifestyle guest post “Write for Us” and include the best 2-3 keywords in the content so that you can see its SEO relevance and determine if it is relevant to the blog audience and adjust the details if needed.

Guest Column Excerpt: Health Rights you mustn’t blog for us because no one will post a guest post (beauty “write for us”) that competes with original content or yours. .

This point is particularly difficult to achieve, but you should use your creativity to find at least one other approach to health by “accepting guest posts.” This can be achieved by selecting specific keywords.

Ensure that the links to your blog articles (Health “accept Guest Posts”) are natural and that no mandatory promotional activities are noticed. For the details explained in point 3, the guest article (lifestyle “write for us”) may not be important to publish the linked keywords.

Link whenever appropriate. Also, keep in mind that I standby the right to accept or reject a link (especially if I have doubts about it) and add others.

Beauty write for us

Beauty Write For UsComments. Usually, you get feedback on trips + “Write to us”. Answer to all messages promptly.

We do not recommend a publication (beauty “write for us”) that contains only or mainly commercial information about a person, company, website, product or service. These contributing authors are considered a public OTA and are therefore sponsored solely for the value of healthy “write for us.”

Once your article is published (write for us health and beauty) it is convenient to give yourself a “small push” by sharing it on your social networks.

Ensure that the links to your blog articles (Health “accept guest posts”) are natural and that no force promotions are noticed. For the motives explain in point 3, the linked keywords could not be the main keywords of the article invited to be published (lifestyle write for us as guests).

Link whenever appropriate. Remember that I have the right to accept or reject a link (especially when I have doubts) and to add others.

Comments. Usually, some comments go for trips + “Write for us”. Reply to all messages or emails promptly.

We mostly do not recommend any publication (beauty “write for us”) that contains primarily commercial information about any person, company, website, product or service. These contributing authors are consider public OTAs, so the Health Award “Write for Us” specially sponsored.

Once your article is published (write for us health and beauty) it is convenient to give yourself a “push” by sharing it on your social networks.

Write For Us Style For Health

Please simply write for us health (write for us beauty) and do not use too technical language to make the content easy to read and understand. Please explain the technical (health writing) terms you use (or a link to Wikipedia definitions or a good blog post by other authors who explain them).

Some contributing writers (“write for us” style) habit using uppercase letters to emphasize words. Try not to use capital letters, because it’s like screaming on the internet, it’s not our style.

Many readers (beauty “write for us”) scan the publication before reading health + “write for us”. So try to bold the main styles or ideas in your guest post (health and beauty “write to us”), but do not overdo it.

It is important to make beauty, health, wellness, health, fashion, and travel posts easy to read, use multiple subtitles in a beauty guest post, and write a narrative (health, beauty) in short paragraphs (maximum 3 or 4). Lines). . .

Do not be too repetitive or unnecessary. Use synonyms for health, beauty and fashion posts.

Be very careful with your spelling and wording on health, beauty and skin care posts. Please check emails thoroughly before delivery. All word processing programs have spell checkers. You must enable it and specify the language.

Submit the Beauty Tips blog post in a word file and submit the links in hyperlink format in the words you want to link and in the same file.

I recommend checking out here for other practical fashion tips like Health + Writing for Us.

About Pictures and Videos!

I need a post cover photo (1200x800px) for lifestyle and travel posts, which makes sense for the post’s topic. Or I can choose myself if you interested.

Try to include high-quality PNG images or screenshots to make the contributor’s skincare, fashion guidelines, and tutorials more engaging.

Article image size for travel reports: 600px for full width. Not to exceed 500px for height, minimum file size (KB) possible.

For beauty tips videos or presentations, give me codes and I’ll include them in any guest post you want.

Send me images or screenshots of your health and wellness donation as an email attachment.

Use a short description of beauty posts with keywords as names of these photos or screenshots.

Important for health posts: Include the image file name exactly where you want it to appear in the Health & Beauty post.

Example: In the same sentence, write the following

Here you put the image “this-is-a-guest-post-by.jpg”.

Guest Author File (BIO)

I need a biography that describes you, it does not contain more than 400 characters (no words). In addition to your email address (which you use for your account). Don’t forget to display a photo in the author’s mailbox and add links to your blog and social networks.

You need a Gravatar account to view your photo. If you don’t have an account, open it (it’s personal) and it won’t take more than 2 minutes

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please go through the terms and conditions before submitting an article to make sure all the request information included. If an item has to go back and forth multiple times because requirements not met. It causes attrition that destroys the good relationship between the two partners.

Checklist for accepting donations from guests

Is the featured article clear and easy to read?

Is it the correct length?

And Is the text correctly aligned with the associated subheadings?

It has no typos, is its syntax correct?

Does it contain distinct and properly labeled photos and illustrations?

Add your bio and email address to link to your Gravatar account?

If you want to submit an article, you can email it to with the heading “Guest Post Required”.

In conclusion, I tell you that I am happy to be a guest blogger on this blog. And I hope you can make the most of the visibility and breadth of digital marketing. You can find more better information about the benefits of guest posting here.

Few Categories that We Accept Articles from:

Lifestyle “write for us”

Health “accepting guest posts”

Travel + “write for us”

Beauty “write for us”

Hairstyle Tips Write For Us

Beauty Guest Post

Skincare + Write For Us + Guest Post

Lifestyle write for us

Lifestyle guest post

Technology + Write For Us

Beauty Guest Author

Makeup Write For Us

Fashion Write For Us

Beauty Tips “Write For Us

Health “(Write For Us”