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What are Short Hair Styles? – Meaning, Maintenance, and Trends

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Short Hair Styles, The looks that favor us the most without giving up fashion, very comfortable and feminine haircuts

Which we can look perfect without being expert hairdressers.

In this article, you can see more than 120 short haircuts for women

To wear a superior haircut with short hair, you must take care of your hair’s health.

For this, it is essential to use a sulfate-free and non-toxic shampoo that does not damage the hair and does not irritate the scalp.

What is Used to maintain Short Hair Styles?

The traditional shampoos that are usually shifting in supermarkets are very low-quality products.

Which include chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and silicones that cause long-term brittleness and brittle hair.

We like the Spanish brand of Dalire sulfate-free shampoo because it has no sulfates, parabens, silicones, salt, or allergens.

You can combine it with its sulfate-free mask for a complete, non-toxic treatment that allows hair to regenerate from the roots and show off beautiful hair.

If you have never tried a high-quality shampoo, you will be surprised at the difference with traditional shampoos.

There are other foreign brands, but with Daire, the good thing is that you have high-quality products at a very reasonable price.

Its shampoo is 500ml format allows a very long duration.

What are the Trends of Short Hair Styles?

The trend for short hair, we highlight the radical cuts.

1.      Pixie

The cuts continue to be a trend.

They are very versatile haircuts since they are haircuts that can be tatty in different ways.

But always respecting the raw cut that consists of short nape and sides. Here we can see how the famous and young Spanish actress,

The front part of the hair will always be concise.

This haircut gives us a very youthful look.

Although if you want a much more classic pixie cut, you can bet on the garçon cut, a trend that never goes out of style.

It is a practical, fast, and easy to use a haircut.

There is a belief that the pixie cut cannot be varied, but it is a big mistake.

Since it is one of the most versatile haircuts due to the number of ways you can wear it, among other ways you can wear it tousled, with layers of colors, gel or gum, etc.

It is a haircut that is ideal for women with a thin and long face who do not have much time to maintain and style long hair.

2.      Boyish Hair Style

The Boyish cut is the typical haircut reminiscent of naughty boys, a haircut that has evolved into a very feminine cut.

If you want to know what the Boyish haircut consists of, we will explain it to you.

It is a cut based on the Shingle Bob so typical of the roaring 20s of the last century.

As you can see, it has taken a whole century for this feminine and rebellious cut to become a trend again.

It is an asymmetrical cut, with the neck much lowered and in a V-shape.

The upper part of the head and the front part have the characteristic of being longer.

It gives us infinite hairstyle options since it is a very versatile cut.

A cut that will give us more movement to the hair while highlighting our facial features.

A very fun cut that only the most daring women can afford.

3.      Garcon Hairstyle

A nice garçon style haircut, with asymmetrical bangs.

Perhaps it is a very masculine haircut, but it creates an opposite image for women, very feminine and radical.

The garçon style allowed us to play with the shapes and volumes, blunt or tousled with the bangs’ fingers and combed back on the sides, a casual and very modern haircut.

The natural colors that soften the features, and that this year will be working again.

Very long bangs parted on one side and pointed up to give a greater sense of movement.

Uneven, asymmetrical bangs that frame the features and features of the face.

In the case of wanting to bet on straight bangs, the garçon is a style that is also highly recommended.

In fact, the cut that we see above is a classic, but it has also returned with great force.

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