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What are Hair Extensions? – About, Types, and More

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Hair Extensions are strands or curtains of hair that are added to your hair and that serve, fundamentally.

It is to add volume and/or length to your hair.

You can achieve the same results with all extensions, the only thing that differentiates them is the placement system.

Depending on the way they are set, we can divide them into two types.

1.Temporary extensions

2.Fixed extensions.

If we want a comfortable system for all types of hair and without any probability of damage, we recommend the clip system.

Which of the Different Types of Hair Extensions?

All techniques are good if they are well done and if a prior assessment has been made to choose the most appropriate system.

For fine hair, adhesive extensions and/or keratin are recommended.

For thick hair, the best technique is the micro ring.

This technique is innocuous since, as it is not permanent, it is applied promptly using clips.

What Advantages of Temporary Techniques Hair Extensions?

They are easier and faster to apply.

Also, clip extensions are ideal to enhance hairstyles on special occasions.

If you want more volume, length, or density, they allow you to add that something more instantly.

The only downside is that you cannot sleep with them, you must remove them before bed.

The maintenance price varies depending on the type of extensions you wear and the chosen technique.

What are the Advantages of Fixed Technique Hair Extensions?

Technique extensions can be placed in various systems and should always be performed by an extension professional in specialize salons.

The main extension systems are the adhesive, nano ring, and micro ring.

3D ADHESIVE Extensions

✓The most comfortable and premium
✓Fine hair
✓They are place with adhesive by gentle pressure
✓Available in 45 and 55 cm. long
✓For a minimum volume of 20 units. from € 270
✓For minimum length 40 units. from € 540


✓An extra flat junction point
✓Fine hair

✓A system more innovative and comfortable than keratin
✓They are place using a nanoring
✓Available in 45 and 55 cm. long
✓For minimum volume 80 units. from € 376
✓For a minimum length of 120 units. from € 564

WOVEN extensions URBAN

✓Tira hair stitched machine
✓Cabellos thick
✓Se placed using a micro ring
✓Disponibles 50 and 60 cm. long
✓From 199 €

These types of extensions are permanent and long-lasting, so you can sleep, go to the beach, and exercise.

What is the Loss by Hair Extensions?

The extensions are respectful with the hair and in no case damage the scalp as long as a proper placement is carrying out with each of the techniques.

The only thing that could damage the hair is a bad use of the laying technique.

For example, with keratin or micro ring extensions if they are place selecting a very little amount of hair.

In these cases, they could weaken the root of the selected lock.

This is of an inconvenience, it can be caused due to the selection of inappropriate hair sections, that is, larger or smaller.

In the event of a fall and/or breakage, it would be due to poor placement.

The key is in good advice by highly qualified staff, avoiding mistakes in choosing the type of extension, and choosing the appropriate placement system.

What is the Use of Hair Extensions?

We recommend the use of extensions.

In the vast majority of cases, we do in the salons are fully satisfactory experiences that promote self-esteem, enhance security, and the perception of self-image.

For us, it is a satisfaction that they congratulate us on seeing how the hairstyle has been re-dimensioned.

Even those women who had not using an extension service and are encouraging in the end, are surprise.

How easy and comfortable it is to wear extensions.

Why do we like Hair Extensions?

With naturalness as the basis of our work, extensions not only lengthen the hair.

They are also ideal to add volume and to make color effects with lighter highlights that illuminate the hair without the need to use chemical products on the hair and scalp itself.

The extensions are a perfect complement to provide dimension and body, being able to achieve natural results.

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