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Curly Hair is far from being a unique category for everyone. There are loose curls, inflatable curls, curls with a zigzag pattern, tight warm curls and a wide range of types of curls that fall on an intermediate point.

Understanding the unique curly type is essential to finding adequate curly hair products.

And also curly hair techniques that maintain hydrated, healthy herbaceous threads.

In contrast to smooth hair, scalp oils do not travel so effectively through curly hair, and it makes additional curls for dryness. But how much moisture and how strong a product uses depends on its kind of curls.

For example, additional moisture data products that were developed for someone with warm hair are probably too difficult for someone with wavy hair.

And the products that were developed for those with wavy hair can have dry mortals and susceptible to break.

Types Of Curly Hair Patterns

Curly Hair Write For UsCurly hair is a term that is used genetically to describe structured hair from loose waves to z -fished coils.

However, in order to determine the type of curls, you have to start with the scalp and look after the growth of the hair follicles.

The curly hair follicles have an oval or asymmetrical shape, so that they create an elliptical shape

Curly hair is divided into three different types more often: type 2 (wavy), type 3 (curly), and type 4 (perverted and crooked).

There are three subtypes within each type (A, B and C), and these vary depending on the shape and diameter of the curls.

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