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What Is Reconstructive Surgery? Why Is It Done?

Reconstructive surgery repairs parts of your body that are affected by defects you were born with, defects that developed due to disease, or defects caused by injury.

Cleft lip and palate repair and sinus reconstructions are examples of reconstructive surgery.

The word “rebuild” means to rebuild after something has been damaged or destroyed.

What Are The Different Types Of Reconstructive Surgery Procedures?Reconstructive Surgery Write For us

Some of the More Common Conditions Addressed by Reconstructive Surgery Include:

Breast condition: Breast reconstruction (usually after a full or partial mastectomy)

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty): This may be necessary if you experience discomfort, a rash under the breasts, or back pain.

Please note that whether a breast reconstruction is considered a cosmetic procedure or a reconstructive procedure depends on the amount of breast tissue removed.

This depends on your health insurance guidelines and policies.

Limb Rescue: If you are having a limb amputated, it can help by using tissue to fill the space.

Face reconstruction: Facial reconstruction may be necessary after tumor resection or after trauma.

Jaw straightening is called orthognathic surgery.

Manual procedures to improve or correct the following (some surgeons specialize in the hand):

  • Improve strength.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Improve function.
  • Repair webbed toes.
  • Correct carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Correct arthritis.
  • Correct the trauma.

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