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Covering Gray Hair: What To Look For In Professional Hair Color Products

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Dying the hair enables versatility to the overall look. Applying a suitable dye to gray hair can experience radical change with the varying color tones and ranges. Some individuals find dyes convenient to help cover the shiny white coats that come from the scalp.

However, one must understand the content within the shade to achieve a perfect change with hair color dyes. Among the things to look out for a while using hair color products to cover gray hair include

1.   The Necessary Ingredients used to Make the Hair Color Product

The best professional hair color to cover gray should have ingredients that promote healthy and positive development. Such ingredients include

Keratin and Ammonia-Free Substances

These ingredients are friendly to gray hair and smoothen and strengthen the hair, resulting in natural effects with rich, long-lasting hues.

In addition, they provide long-lasting effects that last up to six weeks and excellent coverage of the gray hairs while offering protection from further damage. Also, ammonia-free agents reduce irritation with the skin.

Ceramide and Collagen Ingredient

These hair color product ingredients give the gray hair a strong defense and strengthen and thicken the hair. In addition, the best hair color to cover gray hair that has these two compounds prevents color build-up on treated tips.

Avocado, Olives, and Shea Ingredients

Most looked up ingredients in a hair color product since they prevent drying up of the dyed gray hair as they seal in the moisture, causing the hair to remain smooth and healthy. More so, the best professional way to cover gray with added ingredients is a suitable option for root touch-ups.

2.   Type of Color

The other most important thing to look out for is the color itself. The best professional way to cover gray is always a lighter color rather than a dark one. Additionally, the type of color is highly influenced by the individual’s skin tone and eye color.

3.   Formula of Application

For successful results in covering gray hair, the user must know the application formula of the product. Furthermore, the percentage of gray on the hair will help determine which product to use. A more significant portion of gray requires a permanent hair color to provide coverage fully.

In addition, choosing a product with successful formula testing is necessary to prevent irritation, swelling, and even hair breakage. Avoid products with ammonia and peroxide-based ingredients.

4.   Conditioning and Care

If not used properly, most products can cause significant damage. Therefore before choosing a hair product, ensure that the product keeps the hair healthy. The best professional hair color to cover gray should have strong conditioning qualities and treatment solutions. Most red dyes are challenging to keep up with and require several treatments to reduce hair damage.


Successful coverage of gray hair is based on different factors. Therefore, the user needs to follow the guideline and instructions provided within the product description to maintain the hair’s health. Additionally, using products with nourishing ingredients allows for easy maintenance and care of the hair.


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