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What is Hair Color Remover? – About, Advantages and More

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Hair Color Remover, The dye was losing strength as I applied it.

I ended up looking like a matchstick.

To recover my striking hair, I painted it up to three times in the same month.

But the cherry red that accompanied me for years did not return.

It was there that a co-worker told me that it was not necessary to damage my hair with discolorations but that what I had to do was apply a color remover.

The remover, also called an extractor, lightens colored hair between 1 to 3 tones, in other words.

It helps to remove layers of color.

It is usually using on hair dyed with intense colors such as red or black.

Depending on the hair’s condition, the extractor can be applying to both wet and dry hair.

The extractor is only applying to dyed manes, never to natural hair or to the roots.

What are the Advantages of Hair Color remover?

The product on the market, the remover also has its advantages.

1.      It does not damage hair

It is very positive because it does not work like bleaches that can burn hair.

The extractor does not bleach but instead sweeps away accumulated dye from the hair.

2.      It does not alter the natural color

Because no matter how much you remove the color that you now have in your hair, you will not harm your natural color at all.

3.      It helps to lower hair color up to 3 tones

It helps you sweep the dye with excellent results, getting to lighten the hair with a single application.

  1. Very easy to use

The remover is easy to apply. You can do it yourself that will fit you perfectly.

5.      Quick action

Works in 20 minutes. Apply the remover and cover your hair with a shower cap.

After you let the product act and wash your hair, you will notice the changes at the moment.

6.      Its frequency of use

You can apply it between 2 and 3 times a week.

It guarantees a better cleaning of the hair.

7.      Easy to get

The remover is available over the counter and can be originate at any pharmacy or salon.

8.      The hair is ready to be colored

After the remover, the hair is ready to paint the color you want.

What are the Disadvantages of Hair Color Remover?

1.      The smell

When preparing the mixture and applying it to the hair, the smell of the product is horrid.

2.     Dry the hair

It may dry out your hair a bit after applying it, so it is advisable to usage a conditioner or a hydrating hair mask.

3.      Its consistency

The remover is super liquid, which makes it a bit difficult to handle with the brush.

So many times, you end up using your hands or a comb with tight bristles.

What is the Other Alternatives to Hair Color Remover?

That afternoon at the pharmacy, I felt like a girl surrounded by new toys.

I didn’t know which one to keep.

One of them, the Hair Color Remover, from Ion’s Color Brilliant line.

Ion Hair Color Remover

This remover improves colored hair and clarifies up to three levels.

It does not require bleaching or any other product.

It is effortless to apply and removes permanent dye.

What is the Conclusion of Hair Color Remover?

I am inducing that the color remover was my best option to remove the cherry red dye that I applied to my hair for years.

Not only was my hair lightened in a matter of minutes, but it was also smoother and shinier.

My only mistake was rushing into the new ash-blonde dye.

Although, after applying the remover, you can dye your hair without any problem


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