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What is Waist Training? – Definition, Types and More

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The “waist training” is behind the hourglass figure, guitar body, or wasp waist of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, among many other celebrities.

From Kim Kardashian’s hand, the corset has returned, the woman with the most prominent Los Angeles curves.

She knew that no one would overlook her photos on Instagram showing off a wasp waist thanks to reducing girdle.

Fashion that her sisters Khloé, Kourtney, and Kylie quickly joined and other stars.

Such as Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, or Amber Rose, and the “waist training” was born.

The “waist training” is behind the hourglass figure of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, among many other celebrities

The corset, that garment that brought nineteenth-century women headlong, has

returned and has been done by the world godmother of trends such as contouring or boxer braids.

What are the Different Types of Waist Traning?

Reducing the waist is what all the girls who opt for the stars’ new weight loss method are after.

But there are different models to achieve it.

For example, use it with a cotton shirt underneath.

Underbust corset with spiral steel underlay.

There are brocades, satin, and even denim.

They reduce the waist by up to 15 centimeters due to the significant compression they exert.

Latex shaping girdle, the most popular.

They have steel temples and are fastened with brackets at the front, allowing different adjustments.

Just putting it on reduces 5 centimeters, and there are many colors.

For a fixed size now, they also sell it with a zipper.

Shaping girdle with straps, like the previous one but with more generous support.

Xtreme Power Belt girdles, with a lighter compression of the elastic type.

Polyester corset to be used as a waist reducer but not for sports.

Where can I buy my Girdle or Corset of Waist Training?

The Kardashian sisters have popularized Premadonna’s, but by now, they can be originating in many online stores.

In Zalando, they sell those of the Spanx firm, and the Perfect Body page includes a wide selection of both girdles and corsets specialized in waist training.

In Spain,  El Secreto de Carol, with a physical store in Madrid and online, has all the models, including custom design and tailor-made.

It should be used under supervision, with specific designs, and progressively.

What are the Risks in Waist Training?

By having the girdle or corset tight, we will feel fuller, and we will need less food, but beware of the rest of the side effects.

The pressure creates acidity and other digestive alterations.

Due to the ribs’ compression, the organs can end up displacing.

It can cause blood flow obstruction and breathing difficulties during sports activity, and skin infections, among other problems.

That is why the practice of “waist training” should be carried out under supervision, progressively.

And with girdle or corset designs of the recommended specifications.

It creates a kind of addiction, and sometimes the girdle is left on too long.

There are girls who only take it off to clean themselves, which is crazy.

The cult of the body can be useful as long as it does not involve any risk.

Yes, it seems that wearing a girdle is no longer top-secret.

Quite the opposite, it is the most “in.”

But do not forget that fashions always have small print.

And in this case, in a more pronounced way because what is at stake is as important as health.

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