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What is Toner? – Definition, Work, Problems, and More

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Toner is an essential complement for any company with a laser printer in the field of its work.

Specifically, the word toner comes from the English word “toner,” and it is also known as dry ink in our language.

Thus, It is a powder with a subtle character that we usually see in a black hue.

It is a dry powder rummage-sale in laser copiers and photocopiers to form text and images on paper.

In its beginnings, it was merely carbon dust.

Later, to improve the quality of the print, the carbon was combined with a polymer.

Its particles are melted by the drum’s heat, causing them to adhere to the paper.

Its formula varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from machine to machine.

They generally range in the size of the granules and the melting points.

It is a very specific substance, its manufacturing process is quite complex and each factory has its formulation.

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What is the Work of Toner?

Toner printing relies on static electricity to carry out the following process

As a photosensitive cylinder rotates, the image to be printing forms on the surface as electropositive dots.

These electropositive dots attract electronegative particles, thus appearing on the surface of a said cylinder.

The image to be printing is formed by adhering black drops of negative toner.

The paper will be printing, charging with a positive charge, and passes by the cylinder as it rotates.

Thus it attracts the dots with electronegative toner adhered to the cylinder, giving the cylinder’s image to the paper.

Afterward, the adhered to the form must be melted by heat so that it is fixed to the report.

This process is known as “laser printing,” although other means are also used to produce the same effect as a beam of laser light, using light diodes (LEDs) or liquid crystal (LCS).

What are Problems Toner?

The photoreceptor for it is manufacturing and placed with a specific charge inside the printer.

At the end of printing, it is charging with a light that stabilizes the charge on the device.

If it is extracting in strong light with a high charge, such as sunlight, this could create an imbalance in the electrostatic charge system the photoreceptor.

If an irreversible charge or discharge of photoreceptor has been generating, this could cause that it cannot be print properly.

It may be necessary to replace the entire toner.

The printer can also have other problems, such as lack of cleaning on the part of the sheet that collects the toner, causing it not to clean well in the printing process.

What are the Parts of Toner?

The toner cartridge has different parts, which help in the complex process of generating the print, using electrostatic charge and toner powder.

The different parts that make up the toner are as follows.

  •   Dust dosing blade.
  •   tank.
  •   cleaning blade.
  •   memory indicator chip.
  •   Waste tank.
  •   Primary electrostatic charge roller.
  •   Magnetic feed roller.
  •    Organic photoreceptor.
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