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What is the Best Professional Hair Dryer? – About, Examples, and Aspects

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Professional Hair Dryer is one of the small appliances dedicated to beauty and personal care that is not missing in any home is the hairdryer.

And it is about the article that makes men and women remove moisture from their hair, after showering, and achieve the hairstyle they like and that allows them to look more attractive.

Precisely because of the work carried out, it is necessary to choose what to buy correctly.

And there are many hair dryers, but not all are suited to the needs of anyone and their hair.

Hence, when purchasing one, certain vital aspects must be taking into account.

Our hair is very subtle to temperature changes, which is why we must choose our dryer about the use and type of hair.

There are different uses and types such as a professional, portable, ionic, cordless, corded, silent, diffuser, small, battery-powered, low-power consumption, supersonic and many more.

What are the Examples of Best Professional Hair Dryer?

1-Philips ThermoProtect Ionic HP8232 / 20

  • Number of temperature settings – 6, With a hole in the handle for hanging
  • Power – 2200 W
  • Cold shot function

Within the category of ionic hair dryers is this first model presented with a diffuser and has a power of 2,200 W.

To all this, we must add its weight of 600 grams and its size of 10 x 22 x 31 centimetres.

Those who have it at home emphasize that it has three levels of temperature and two of power, that it dries very quickly and does not frizz the hair.

If you are interested, you can buy it here for a price of around 31 euros.

  • 2-Philips HP8233 / 00
  • ThermoProtect temperature setting
  • A jet of cold air that fixes the hairstyle
  • 8m power cord
  • High-quality design
  • ThermoProtect temperature

One of the small appliance brands that you can most trust when buying a dryer is Philips, thanks to models that have a remarkable value for money.

A good example of this is this, which costs very little and has exciting features.

Such as 2,200 W power, ionizer to prevent frizz, up to six different speed settings, a turbo function for faster drying and protection against overheating.

3. Rowenta Infini Pro Elite CV8722E0

Professional AC motor with 2200W of power, prepared to withstand long hairdressing sessions, always maintaining optimum performance

  • Only 8mm air concentrating nozzle and diffuser included adapting to your hairstyle
  • Its 2200W power motor allows you to work for a long time without suffering.
  • It is prepared to be used in long hairdressing sessions, so you will not have any problems at home.
  • It can be using both with its mouthpiece and with the diffuser, which is involve.
  • This has an Ionic function, which generates negative ions to neutralize static electricity in the hair and give it extra shine.
  • It has a removable grid so you can clean it comfortably and thus extend its lifetime.

4-Rowenta Powerline Plus Beauty

Powerful motor with 2300 W of power for fast and optimal results

Air concentrating nozzle, for precise drying and optimal hair finish, and diffuser, to achieve natural volume on curly hair

Its 2300 W power is, without a doubt, one of the prominent supporters of this other dryer, which has managed to be a benchmark in the market.

  • Ionic function.
  • Different speed and temperature positions.
  • Incredibly lightweight, 921 grams.
  • Removable grid to better undertake cleaning.

5-Remington D5210

  • Powerful 2200 W dryer
  • Anti-static ion ceramic grid for even heat
  • Three temperatures, two speeds and a blast of cold air to set the style
  • Concentrator
  • Detachable rear rack for easy cleaning, hanging hook and 1.8-meter cord

The reasons that make this article one of the most interesting in the current market are the following:

  • Power 2200 W.
  • The ionic ceramic system, against frizz.
  • Speed ​​and temperature selection.
  • A blast of cold air to be able to fix the hairstyle correctly.

6-Parlux 3800

  • Influential motor with K-Lamination technology, 2000 operating hours, 135 W blowing power
  • Five speeds, four temperature levels
  • Low acoustic stress thanks to the integrated silencer

NOTE – This dryer weighs 500 grams and is complete from recyclable materials.

In the first position of this ranking, we place the best of the Parlux hair dryers.

However, in part 9, we want to place another that also has features that make it an accurate benchmark within the market:

  • Power 2100 W.
  • Temperature and speed selector.
  • It includes an integrated silencer, which contributes to the home’s well-being or hairdresser where it is use.
  • Of course, it has an ionic system against frizz, allowing hair to look brighter than anything else.

7-Braun Satin Hair 7 HD785

  • Optimal heat control; professional results
  • Innovative temperature sensor technology measures degrees and regulates them to prevent excess heat from damaging hair
  • Powerful ventilation system, the hairdryer has a fast concentrated airflow for more efficient performance

Our ranking of the best hair dryers is closed by this other model, which is endorsing by the renowned firm Braun.

It should be note that it is for sale at a reasonable price and that it has technical properties as exciting and useful as these:

  • 2000W power.
  • Anti-frizz technology.
  • Fast airflow.

Thermal sensor contributes to having the right temperature at all times and ensuring that the hair remains healthy and shiny.

What are the Aspects to Consider When Buying Best Professional Hair Dryer?

Among the different data that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a model of this small appliance that concerns us, we must pay special attention to the following:

Since it is essentially base on whether it will be using at home or when you are away.

And also, you can choose a conventional one or one of the many Professional Hair Dryer that exist and have smaller dimensions.

1.      The power

Which will determine whether the item will perform its functions in the correct way possible.

In this case, it is considering that, as a minimum, this quality must be 1700 W.

2.      The brand

As when buying any product, you also have to make sure that it is endorse by a firm of recognized prestige and quality.

Well, that will give you the peace of mind that you have acquired one with guarantees of resistance, durability and functionality.

Of course, in addition to these factors, you have to take into account the price.

Thus, depending on the money that can be “invested”, it may be within reach of suitable hair dryers, professional hair dryers or cheap hair dryers.