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What Is Eyebrow Waxing?

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The eyes are the window to the soul, and your eyebrows are its accents and trimmings. While you may not think of it as much, eyebrows have a significant effect on your appearance. How you style them can impact your facial impression, add sharpness or softness when necessary, and creates balance to your whole look.

In this age where eyebrows are all the rage, getting caught with unmaintained brows is unacceptable for some. Luckily, there are a lot of hair removal methods that are tailored to your preferences. One particular hair removal approach is through eyebrow waxing.

What is Eyebrow Waxing?

Eyebrow waxing is the procedure of removing unwanted hair from your eyebrows using a layer of wax. You can easily manage your eyebrows to take on your desired shape by allowing the wax to harden on the targeted areas.

There are two different approaches to eyebrow waxing. These are by using:

Hot wax – this is ideal for thinner and more sensitive areas of the body, including the face. Using a hot waxing kit for hair removal is what most people do for specific regions, as the wax tends to spread along the hair finely. This makes it easier to pull the hair at its roots and only requires a few seconds of waiting to solidify. Using hot wax can prevent ingrown hair and skin reddening.

Cold wax – this works best on fine hair and other facial hair. Generally, hard waxes are applied via strips to create an extra strong hold on the targeted areas. A thin layer of cold wax is suitable for people with sensitive skin and is particular about stickiness.

Whether you want to get your brows professionally done or explore how to do it yourself, there is a particular waxing kit for hair removal that can cater to your preferences.

Eyebrow Waxing – How to do it?

If you’re interested in knowing the process of eyebrow waxing, you must understand that there is a general procedure to follow before undergoing the hair removal process. These are:

Determine the eyebrow shape you are going for. You can choose depending on your facial structure and focus. By selecting a particular celebrity as a model, you can find the appropriate style to highlight your features.

Once you have determined what type of eyebrow goes well with your facial structure, use eyebrow stencils to create symmetry along your brow line. This is to ensure that you won’t make mistakes on the waxing part.

Comb your brow following the natural shape using a soft toothbrush or brow bush. Additionally, determine the direction of hair growth using a toothpick or other tools to part it.

Wash and sanitize your eyebrow area to ensure that no dirt, grime, make-up residue, and oil interfere with the waxing process. You can use ice to temporarily numb the site if you’re particularly sensitive.

Now, there are two techniques when it comes to using wax for hair removal. When using a hot waxing kit for hair removal, it is best to follow this procedure:

  • Heat the wax at the optimal temperature, carefully watching the process to prevent burns and accidents.
  • Apply the wax gently after letting it cool for a few seconds in the same direction of growth. It is best to apply small amounts to prevent mess and avoid the mistake of removing too much hair.
  • When the hot wax has solidified to a certain degree, pull the skin taut and remove the hardened wax quickly in the opposite eyebrow growth direction.
  • You can repeat the hot wax procedure as necessary or opt for tweezers to pluck the extra hair.
  • Clean the eyebrows to ensure no wax residue is left.

When using a cold waxing kit for hair removal, the steps are generally the same as above. However, since hard wax comes with a strip, a few changes may be in order.

  • Once you have determined your eyebrow needs, cut the cold wax strips as needed. These mini-strips are then warmed by hands using the rubbing method.
  • Once warm enough and melted to a particular degree, each mini-strip is separated and gently pressed on the target area. Take note that the wax strip should be positioned in the growth direction of the eyebrows.
  • Hold the surrounding area tightly and pull the strip quickly but with sure movements in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Trim or use tweezers to remove extra hairs not taken by the waxing strips.

Once you are done waxing your eyebrows and have obtained your ideal brow shape that complements the look you are going for, use aloe vera gel or vitamin e to soothe the area and prevent redness.

There are a lot of benefits to consider when you use a waxing kit for hair removal. These kits are generally safe for DIY usage and offer more than convenience over going to the salon monthly. Aside from being more cost-effective, hair growth takes longer, and the regrowth becomes thinner over time.

Waxing vs. Threading

Another popular way of hair removal is eyebrow threading, which involves using sanitized threads to eliminate excessive hair. Both are excellent hair removal methods, but here are the differences between waxing vs threading.

  • Waxing eliminates hair at the roots, while threading breaks hair in half at the surface.
  • When it comes to hair regrowth on waxing vs threading, using wax enables the hair to grow thinner over time. Threading promotes hair to grow faster and thicker.
  • Waxing may cause burns and irritation to sensitive skin, while threading minimizes the risks due to little skin contact.
  • Waxing creates a sharp, unnatural finish while threading a natural definition of the brow shape.

Choosing the right side on the waxing vs threading debate entirely depends on your preference and priorities. Both are a great alternative to plucking, which causes more irritation. Eyebrow maintenance also depends on your skin sensitivity and overall goals.

Eyebrow waxing is an excellent hair removal method that can ensure less hair growth over time. It is a great way to achieve that perfect brows without expending too much money and effort.