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What Is Eyebrow Tinting? – About, Expect, Goodness and More

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An eyebrow tinting that lasts more than three days has found a solution to do it at home from the Better brand.

They ensure that the results are visible for about 40 days, waterproof and in two tones.

To use it, you have to clean the eyebrows well with make-up remover (without oil base), mix two centimetres of colouring cream from the tube with ten drops of activating cream (3% peroxide).

It is already part of the design used in its hair removal, and it is taking on almost as much weight as wax, thread or tweezers.

Even many women use it as a standalone treatment

A mixture of various colours is taken to match your eyebrow hair colour and applied with a cotton bud following the shape (before waxing).

What to Expect while Eyebrow Tinting?

The tint makes your brows appear thicker, darker, and longer, and the added structure adds volume to the more unpopulated brows.

Imagine that you got up and did not need even a speck of powder, pomade or pencil.

If you need additional reinforcement, you could apply a growth serum or evaluate HD Eyebrows’ possibility.

A more intense 18-month program involves tinting and retouching but not plucking with threads or tweezers so that hair grows back.

The tint takes 15-20 minutes and a half-hour if you do brows and lashes simultaneously.

The effect lasts about six weeks – the time for hair to fall out or grow back.

A more intense look will need more frequent maintenance.

You can select a colour that complements or contrasts with your hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone.

Black, brown, and blue are the most incredible popular and come in a variety of shades.

Black is classic, and brown is the most natural and can always enhance for a special occasion with a mask.

The ‘blue’ is a darker bluish-black than classic black and will highlight your eyes without making it look straight out of the 70s.

What is Good to Know of Eyebrow Tinting?

A patch test resolve is done inside your arm to check that the dye is not causing any rash or swelling.

A specialized dye for the hair, semi-permanent and adapted to sensitive areas is usually using.

This can be washed and removed with water immediately after applying it if necessary.

Cotton pads will be placing on your eyelids, and petroleum jelly will be applying to the area around your eyebrows to avoid staining it.

If you experience any irritation, you can always use vegetable fat based dyes instead of the standard dye and peroxide.

It is essential to mix the eyebrow tint well until it has a creamy, lump-free consistency.

To finish, apply a thin layer of colouring cream mixed on the eyebrows with the brush.

Let the cream work for 5-10 minutes, depending on how dark you want the tint to be. Then, remove the mixture with a dry cotton pad and moisten the cotton pad and repeat this last step.

How to Apply Eyebrow Tinting?

“The product dyes both the hairs of the eyebrows and the skin underneath, so any hairless hole you have will be covered, leaving a uniform shape,” they explain from Maybelline.

Exfoliate your brows and dry them well before starting to apply the product.

Significantly, there are no traces of other products on the eyebrow.

Before choosing the shade, try it on your forearm and let it dry to see its looks.

There are three shades: Dark Brown for brunettes, Medium Brown for chestnuts and Soft Brown for blondes or light chestnuts.

Use your applicator to style the desired brow.

The more uniform the product layer, the easier it will be to remove it.

Touch up the edges with micellar water (or apple cider vinegar -you could even obliterate it-) the boundaries to outline the eyebrow if you need it.

Let the dye dry for 20 minutes if you want a duration of 1 day and 2 hours for a period of up to 3 days.

Remove the film that has formed and discovers natural, full and defined brows.

They recommend removing it from indoors to outdoors.

It does not pull hairs, nor does it hurt since it is not an adhesive.

Simply a film that stains the area where it has been applying.

What is the Conclusion on Eyebrow Tinting?

In addition to the cosmetic benefits, tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes has numerous benefits, for starters.

It will save you from waking up with “panda eyes” and leaving those uncomfortable black marks on your pillow.

On the other hand, you will not get mascara smudges again or look pouting in the mirror in the morning.

The dye can also save you time and money.

According to the Daily Mail, women buy an average of five masks a year valued between € 5 and € 25.

The Mascara also has a limited lifespan as it dries, clumps and causes eyelashes to fall out when frequently exposed to air.

The tint reduces the risk of infection by using a disposable brush for each brow and each eye.


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