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What is Cold Cream – Definition, Benefits, and More

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Definition – Cold Cream

Cold Cream is a cosmetic that is commonly associated with cold and dry skin. But it is much more.
Its name comes from English, and the literal translation is “cold cream” and, therefore, some believe that its name indicates that it is good to combat low temperatures.

And it is, but the name comes from the feeling of cold that the old cold creams left on the skin. The reason is that it is a ‘water-in-oil emulsion, which formerly produced this effect.

Cold creams: An Ancient Mix

According to historical sources, the inventor of cold creams was none other than Galen, the most renowned physician in ancient Greece. After two thousand years, it is still a favorite in modern cosmetics.

Current cold cream formulas include several compounds ranging from mineral oils, glycerin, oatmeal, jojoba, or lanolin. When applied, its buttery texture provides excellent well-being. Quickly absorbed, it leaves practically no residue on clothing so that it can be using before a change of clothes.

What are the Benefits of using Cold Cream?

Although cold creams using in various beauty treatments, such as lip balms, face masks, and even shaving foam, there are many advantages.


light to the touch and rich in water is ideal for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and avoiding dryness. It is also outstanding for treating stretch marks and other marks.


Thanks to the mixtures of natural ingredients, they reduce skin irritations and relieve burns caused by the Sun.


As it has sterile properties, it is recommended for those who suffer from acne, limiting infections, and controls oil.


Its calming effect is well known, and it is enhancing due to the subtle aromas of herbs and flowers it has.


It does not have any. So it is safe for all skin types, including babies, children, and the elderly. When beauty trends follow one another in fast motion, it is convenient to resort to this ancient recipe. For a perfect and healthy complexion, integrate cold creams into your daily routine