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What is the Best Toothpaste? – About, Function, Types

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Best Toothpaste, One of the most critical functions of toothpaste is to bring freshness to the mouth.

It is also a critical element in the elimination of harmful bacteria and microorganisms from the oral cavity.

Toothpaste helps us to virtually eliminate oral bacteria, thus preventing infections in the mouth.

As a general rule, toothpaste has useful fluoride contributions.

Fluoride is an essential compound for the smile, as it helps protect tooth enamel from the damage that bacteria in the mouth can generate.

For children, pastes baby teeth do not contain too much fluoride to avoid fluorosis child.

What is the Function of Toothpaste?

The toothpaste fulfills an essential function, to clean the teeth correctly, eliminating the possibility of remains stuck on them after meals and the oral bacteria, known as bacterial plaque.

We achieve this through toothpaste to prevent the bacteria in the mouth from turning into dental tartar or tartar.

The plaque is calcified and can not be removed with toothpaste or tooth brushing at home.

To remove tartar, you must undergo professional dental cleaning at the dental clinic.

This cleaning is known as a colectomy.

Oral hygiene is the key to oral health.

In addition to using quality toothpaste with protective ingredients.

It is vital to use the right toothbrush and useful brushing techniques.

You must complete the cleaning routine with dental floss, oral irrigator, and oral mouthwash.

What are the Types of Toothpaste?

The choice must be helping by the oral pathology to be treated or avoided.

However, it would help if you analyzed your mouth before choosing the most appropriate toothpaste for you.

·         Anticaries toothpaste

we could say that this is conventional toothpaste.

These are toothpaste with high fluoride content.

Its mission is to sanitize teeth while providing increased protection to the smile.

·         Periodontal pathology

If you suffer from any periodontal disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

At BordonClinic, we have a periodontics service, highly specialized in periodontal treatment.

Toothpaste against pyorrhea usually includes triclosan or antiseptics such as chlorhexidine.

Conveniently, you use this toothpaste under the supervision of a periodontist always.

·         Hypersensitivity

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, there are also specific oral hygiene options.

Against sensitive teeth are desensitizing toothpaste, which correctly seals the dentin tubules, preventing them from being connected to external stimuli.

·         Whitening

Whitening toothpaste is a favorite of much of the population.

These are safe toothpaste, but they are not able to whiten teeth successfully.

They work very well for maintaining a dental whitening done in the clinic at home, but alone they are not capable of whitening the smile.

It is because the bleaching agents they include are present in minimal concentrations.

·         Toothpaste children

The paste for children is formulating to provide security during use.

They tend to have pleasant flavors, and fluoride is present in very safe amounts.

How to Use the Toothpaste?

You must be clear that you do not need to use large amounts to achieve a healthy smile.

Place a small amount on the toothbrush (about the size of a lentil).

Using a good brushing technique, pass your brush over the entire surface of the teeth, including the inside of them.

Include tools in your hygiene routine, such as interproximal brushes, tongue cleaner, and oral irrigator.

Finish your mouth hygiene with a refreshing mouthwash, which improves your breathing and increases protection against cavities and other infections.

How to Choose a Good Toothpaste?

As we have mentioned, the wide range makes it difficult for us to get an accurate idea about each product’s benefits and defects.

These doubts are usual and end up confusing us as consumers.

In the end, the regular thing is to try a few brands and stick with the one that we like the most for its value for money.

Even if we are completely unaware of whether we are using the correct product.

The 5 Best Toothpaste

1. Sensodyne ‘Total Protection.’

The ‘Sensodyne’ Total Protection ‘ toothpaste is, according to the OCU, the best of those analyzed in the study.

It is an outstanding option when it comes to protecting our mouth from cavities and bacteria.

Sensodyne is that is advertising as a protector of dental enamel.

In addition to preventing the appearance of defects and stains on our teeth.

2. Auchan ‘Fluor and Menthol’

A white brand that has obtained second place in this ranking prepared by the OCU.

Auchan , manufactured by Alcampo, is excellent value for money.

The analyses highlight that Auchan ‘Fluor and Menthol’ is a toothpaste that borders on the excellent antiplaque protection, anticaries, and whitening effect.

It is also pricing up to four times lower than other well-known brands but not at their level.

3. Deliplus ‘Total Action.’

Another white label that sneaks into the third position in the OCU ranking.

In this case, it is Deliplus ‘Acción Total,’ also recognized as one of the most outstanding in its quality-price ratio.

Its plaque protection and detailed labeling make this Mercadona product one of the most recommended by dentists.

4. Binaca ‘Gums Antibacterial Formula.’

Binaca ‘Gums Antibacterial Formula’ is the fourth highest-rated.

Being Binaca, a trendy brand of toothpaste, this stands out for its anticaries action.

Also, it is one of the most respectful of tooth enamel.

Therefore, it is an excellent option for those who brush their teeth after every meal since its abrasion effect is practically zero.

5. Colgate ‘Total.’

Among the five best toothpaste on the market, and in the fifth position, we find the well-known Colgate ‘Total’.

We face the best-known brand in the West, and it has achieved excellent customer loyalty over decades of dominance.

Colgate ‘Total’ stands out for its antiplaque action and for being a powerful anticaries agent.


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