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What Does Research Say About Using Hemp Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

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Hemp Oil for Dogs is increasingly popular as a remedy for stress, anxiety, and several medical conditions like arthritis and diseases like tumors. Arthritis is quite common in dogs, and 80% of dogs are more likely to suffer from arthritis by the age of 8.

There is a lot of buzz around the use of CBD to treat arthritis in dogs and other pets. It is necessary to separate rumors from anecdotal owner’s experiences and real science.

Before mentioning what the research says about using hemp oil for dogs with arthritis, you need to know what exactly CBD is?

CBD: An extract of Hemp

It is an abstract of the hemp plant specifically used for its health benefits and non-psychoactive properties. In simple words, your dog will not get high after taking a dose.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the abundant compounds in the cannabis plant extract. It constitutes about 40% of hemp plant extract.

Many studies have shown that cannabinoids have soothing and therapeutic effects. Hemp oil may contain several cannabinoids, but CBD is the primary ingredient in it. Other cannabinoids found in hemp oil are CBN, CBG, and CBC.

Research on Canine Osteoarthritis and CBD

Canine osteoarthritis is a painful condition in a dog marked by decreased mobility and stiffness in movements. It can make dogs irritable, lethargic, and reluctant to play, jump, and run.

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, you need to consider hemp oil for dogs with arthritis after talking to your dog’s veterinary doctor.

A study was published in the PAIN journal that looked at how different formulations and concentrations of CBD can help dogs suffering from arthritis. The results showed CBD helps dogs in dealing with arthritis. The study involved 20 large dogs diagnosed with arthritis.

The dog participants were randomly given a placebo or one of the three different CBD options (isolate, full-spectrum oil, and broad-spectrum oil). The dogs were later evaluated by their owners and veterinarians on factors related to pain and mobility. Details of their findings were kept separate to prevent influences.

The dog group who were given a low CBD dose and placebo showed no signs of improvement. In contrast, the dog group given higher doses of CBD showed significant improvement in pain reduction, mobility, and quality of life.

This research suggests CBD provides relief to dogs suffering from arthritis, and it can help in improving the quality of life of the dog.

Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs

Combined research was conducted by Animal hospital, College of Veterinary Medicine, and leading universities in the US to study the clinical efficacy and safety of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs.

The study involved giving two different doses of CBD enriched oil to the Osteoarthritic Dogs. A few dogs were given a 2mg dose per kg, while some dogs were given an 8mg CBD dose per kg.

Pharmacokinetics revealed none of the dogs showed any side effects after administering the dose. The researchers have mentioned that all dogs showed an increase in activity and decrease in pain.

The veterinary assessment also showed a reduction in pain after CBD treatment. The clinical study suggests a 2mg CBD dose per kg twice daily can increase activity and comfort in dogs with arthritis.

Effect of CBD in Arthritis

Many pet owners fall to the tall claims of CBD manufacturers that it cures arthritis. Veterinary doctors mentioned that there is no known cure for arthritis in dogs. CBD is recommended only to reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and provides relief to the dog.

CBD works to improve the quality of life of a dog suffering from arthritis. Veterinarians recommend CBD in arthritis treatment in dogs as it is safe and effective in treating symptoms.

To sum up, many studies and researches have been performed to assess CBD efficacy in treating dog arthritis, and results have proved that osteoarthritic dogs can lead a better life after taking CBD.

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