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What Can I Expect from a Broadband Light Therapy Treatment?

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First impressions matter, and they are usually based on outward appearances. Therefore, it is understandable that everyone would want to have clear and healthy skin. Although there are many skin conditions, there aren’t many safe treatments that can produce the desired results by eliminating skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, fine lines, age spots, broken blood vessels and sun damage. However, the good news is there is Broadband light therapy (BBL) treatment, which can eliminate many skin conditions.

What is BBL?

It is a gentle and very non-invasive procedure which uses light energy to give you a radiant, clear, and younger-looking skin. In this procedure, the BBL high-tech device sends light rays into the deepest layers of your skin. As the layers of your skin absorb the energy and heat, the superficial blood vessels in the area are closed off and the pigmented skin cells are destroyed. In addition, the energy and heat also stimulate a natural wound-healing response that will boost the production of collagen and generation of new cells. In addition, the intense pulsed light, which is used in the procedure, can be filtered in several different ways to deal with skin conditions like sunspots, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tone and texture and hyperpigmentation.

What to expect from the skin treatment

Before the practitioner starts treating you, he or she will take baseline photos of your skin, cleanse it, and then apply a topical anesthetic or a cooling agent to numb any discomfort. You will also wear safety glasses to cover and protect your eyes throughout the procedure. Then, the practitioner will pass the BBL device over the targeted area multiple times. You will feel warm because the device will be applying light flashes to your skin. The light energy will penetrate your skin and damage the pigment or blood vessels. Your body will start repairing the damage by stimulating the production of collagen and new cells, which will reduce the appearance of discoloration and fine lines among other skin issues. Although this procedure is not painful, you may feel little discomfort on sensitive areas like the lips.

The amount of time the treatment takes will vary depending on your skin condition, how severe it is and your aesthetic goals. However, for many people, it usually takes about an hour or less. Once the procedure is finished, the practitioner will apply a moisturizer and sunscreen on your skin to soothe and protect it. In order to get the best results from the broadband light therapy in Dallas, TX, you should book an appointment with the most reputable and trustworthy dermatologists at Dallas Dermatology Partners.

BBL results

After undergoing the procedure, you should expect to see immediate results for multiple skin conditions like age spots, redness, sun damage, acne, fine lines, and rosacea. The results will last for a few months.


If you want long-term results, you can do multiple treatments a year. Three or more treatments every year have resulted in brighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin, thus reducing the signs of aging and sun damage.

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