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Top 3 Simple Tips on How to Get Yourself Motivated for Working out  

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Working out : Have you ever felt so sluggish and tired that you want to do nothing aside from cozying up on the bed while munching some chips? That kind of lifestyle may sound pleasing to the ears but if it is repeated daily without cautiousness, it can lead to the development of unhealthy habits.

Though it is necessary to get some rest after doing the tiresome daily task, we should also remember that living that kind of lifestyle must be balanced with healthy habits. This is to prevent our bodies from getting sick due to negligence towards our health.

Hence, some of the things that we can do to keep our health aside from eating healthily at times are to always opt for having a daily workout routine. It may be hard to get the motivation to do it, but the benefits that will affect your body after diligently working out can give you immense joy and positive emotions.

As such, if you want to motivate yourself to work out, here we have laid out some of the simple tips and tricks for you to follow.

Figure Out Your Goals

If you start your workout after taking a break for a long time, it can take a toll on your body and mind. This is even more applicable to those people who never had a set workout routine in their life. Therefore, if you suddenly opt for exercising after a long break, it is wise to start with small numbers instead.

This is because starting with an achievable goal before continuing to increase your number of push-ups or sit-ups can help your body slowly adapt to such changes. After you have become accustomed to the simple goals, then you can slowly progress to long-term goals.

For instance, your short-term goal is to do push-ups and sit-up exercises 10 times daily. Then, you must stay focused on your goal and diligently do it no matter how unmotivated you are. As you do it every day, your body will naturally be able to do it easily.

These simple exercises, if continued to be done daily, can give great benefits to your health. Hence, start by having a realistic and achievable goal that you can follow, then slowly add numbers to your workout routine.

Make it Enjoyable

If you envisioned exercising as a very boring activity, you should consider changing that mindset. This is because working out can be an enjoyable activity if it is done right. It does not only consist of running on the treadmill or lifting weights. There are so many activities that you can go for that can fit your preferences.

That is why it is important to find the activities or sports you enjoy the most. This is to help motivate yourself to stay faithful to your workout routine. Furthermore, instead of focusing on one type of routine that you have been repeating daily, try to diversify it to keep it enjoyable.

For instance, join a football team or a ballet class every weekend to spice up your workout routine. If you are not interested, try to enroll in a martial arts class or rock-climbing center. These are some of the choices that you can go for.

If you prefer to do it at home, you can simply google any exercise videos you wish to follow. If you browse on YouTube, there are myriads of choices that you can opt for that can certainly fit your preferences. For a more fun workout, blast some energetic songs from your Bose speakers to get you hyped up.

Working out  

Make Physical Activity a Regular Part of Your Day

It is undeniable that there are times when you cannot seem to fit in the small hours in your schedule for exercising purposes. However, do not let that become a reason for you to avoid it all over. Instead, you should try to squeeze in any physical activity that you can do whenever or wherever you are.

For instance, if you must work in the office, try to see whether there is a route for you to go to the office on foot and using public transport. If it is too far away and you still must drive, park a little further than you used to so that there is a proper distance that you can walk from your car to the office.

Furthermore, try to opt for stairs instead of elevators so you can still manage to do some physical activity even during your hectic schedule. Aside from that, if you are at the office, take a walk during your lunch break or whenever you can instead of sitting silently at your desk.

Meanwhile, if you are working from home, stretch your body and move around during your break. For example, you can walk out to your backyard or climb the stairs repeatedly. You can even do some weight training exercises or have a jog on your treadmill while watching your favorite Korean drama on your best laptop.


No matter how tired or unmotivated you are, try to squeeze in the time to do some physical activity for the sake of your health. If you have become accustomed to daily workouts, you will find yourself much happier and healthier. As such, these are some of the tips of working out that you can do to get yourself motivated.