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The Pursuit of Happiness: 3 Secrets To Living Your Best, Healthy Life

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Best Healthy Life – The question “Do you want to live your best life and be truly happy?” is rhetorical, as people are constantly on the move and worry about the future before the end of the day.

Living the best life may not always entail a terrific career, sound investments, or financial success. Celebrities who die of drug overdoses demonstrate that true happiness comes from inside. Consider the following three methods for living a healthy and valuable life:

1. Eat a well-rounded diet rich in vegetables, fruits,  whole grains, and meat that is lean.
2. Practice regular physical activity, and maintain fitness

1. Live In The Moment

Most people focus on the future, neglecting the present. Living in the past, while enjoyable, hinders appreciation for the present.

Benefits of Living In The Moment

  • You Will Stop Waiting – How many people delay doing something because they believe something better will come along? Instead of focusing on what you have now, you dream about what you want for the future; This is fine. In terms of setting goals, but if you live in the moment, you’ll jump on certain opportunities as they come to you.
  • You’ll be Happier – when you live in the present, you look around and see what you do have instead of what you don’t. You’ll experience things as they happen. A great example of this is when you go outside and pay attention to the beautiful fall colors instead of worrying about how yesterdays choices will affect tomorrow.
  • You’ll Learn to Let Go of Control – This is probably one of the most challenging things for people. You can not control anyone or anything other than yourself and your choices. Realizing this helps to give you a sense of peace.
  • Focusing on the present allows for better decision-making by ensuring a clear mind, self-awareness, and distinguishing between oneself and emotions.

2.   Exercise Eat Healthy

Exercise and healthy eating contribute to happiness by releasing serotonin, the happy hormone, which may reduce depression symptoms and anxiety.

Benefits of Diet Well and Exercise

  • You’ll sleep better.
  • You’ll be able to do more.
  • You’ll feel better about yourself.
  • Reduce your chances of many health-related issues such as heart disease

None of this will happen overnight. It takes practice and commitment. Before starting any new diet or exercise programs, you should always discuss them with your healthcare providers. Some individuals cannot exercise due to medical issues, and if this is you, you can start simply by moving a bit more. So once your doctor has given the okay, start slow and make being healthy a part of your lifestyle.

3. Keep Your Scheduled Doctors Appointment

Maintaining good health through regular doctor visits is crucial for a fulfilling life. Notifying your doctor of new symptoms early helps detect issues, as seen with defective hernia mesh implants. Failure to visit early can lead to emergency medical procedures.

Benefits Of Scheduling Doctor Appointments

  • Detect health issues before they start
  • To establish a relationship with your physician
  • Discover any health risks
  • Peace of mind


Living a fulfilling life is not about misery; it involves making simple changes that can bring peace of mind, health, happiness, and joy.