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Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses For Women’s Cocktail

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There’s no shortage of Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses to think about on a date, from choosing the right frame to whether or not the spark will fly. While you can’t always control what’s going on around you, there is one area where you can have a say: your date outfit. There are several things to consider when deciding what to wear on a date. Is it a casual coffee date or are you headed to a five-star restaurant or exclusive party?

Are there any associated activities (eg hiking, tennis or bowling)? The weather also plays a big role: if it’s too hot or too cold, you can’t focus on the date itself. Fortunately, there are stylish outfits for both hot summer days and cool winter nights.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. Priyanka Kanodia, a stylist at our Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek, has tips on what to wear for different dates so she can stop worrying about her outfit and focus on having fun. Even if you’ve been with your partner for years, dating is a fun way to keep the spark alive. Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, read on for our tips.

What To Wear As Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses

What To Wear As Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses

Let’s face it, first dates can be stressful, and clothing choices can add to that stress. “First date outfits are all about the first impression,” says Priyanka. “You can’t wear a tight, short dress to a picnic date or high heels to a high-intensity gym date,” she points out. “When choosing an outfit, you need to match it to the venue or activity.”

Yes, you want to look good, but an outfit that doesn’t match your date can be distracting. But that does not mean that a casual outfit for the first date cannot also be fashionable. Priyanka proposes denim on denim. “It’s a huge style statement right now,” she says.

“I recommend skinny jeans with a T-shirt and a denim blazer.” Accessorize with oversized sunglasses, a classic leather bag, and ballerina pumps (which are the epitome of style and comfort).

Can You Wear Nordstrom Cocktail Dresses On A Coffee Date

Coffee dates are popular first dates because they offer a relaxed environment to get to know each other. You want your outfit to look as relaxed as the date. “Opt for a casual, quiet environment,” says Priyanka.

“The main focus is to keep it discreet.” Since jeans are pretty much the epitome of casual, they’re an ideal choice. “Lightweight high-waisted denim with a t-shirt looks great and is also very stylish,” notes Priyanka.

She recommends wearing a striped cardigan or bomber jacket, depending on the weather. White sneakers and a simple accessory like a leather belt create a classic look, while a playful crossbody bag adds a touch of personality.

More About Nordstorm

At Nordstrom, we like to keep things simple. We have one goal: to make our customers feel good.

Whether we’re helping a bride find the perfect dress or teaching a group of kids how to tie their shoes, we’re focused on building lasting relationships with our customers and employees.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package with a fantastic discount on goods, health insurance, an employer-tailored retirement plan and much more.

For us, social responsibility is all about being a company that our customers and employees can be proud of. That’s why we work to reduce our impact on the environment and give back to the communities that support us.

Also, we work to provide a fair and safe workplace for the people who make our products, and provide a great place to work for our employees offer. Learn more about our diversity programs and Nordstrom Cares.


The Nordstorm cocktail dresses usually falls just above the knees. If you’re going for something longer, avoid a floor-length tunic look or maxi dresses for women. Instead, opt for a midi dress that looks slimmer with its length, but isn’t too over the top. It is a good option to purchase it and try it on your own.

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