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3 Reasons to Start Cycling and Easy Tips for Beginners 

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Tips and Reasons To Start Cycling – There are lots of types to relax and get lots of benefits. For example, casino games online let you also try making profit. And cycling is a way to meditate and get healthier. 

The benefits of regular cycling consist of several components. First, cycling has a positive effect on cardiovascular, lung, and brain health. Second, it helps you burn calories, train your muscles, and keep your body in shape.

A third benefit of the bicycle is being outdoors and, in particular, in nature. There are studies proving the effect of the scents emitted by trees on improving psychological well-being. That is, we can talk about the benefits of cycling to combat stress.

General Details 

Riding a bicycle is considered one of the classic types of cardio. On average, the body burns between 400 and 800 kcal per hour of such activity, depending on a person’s weight, physical shape, speed and the difficulty of the trail (the main parameters are the wind and angle of the road).

The benefit of cardio is that physical exercise against a background of increased oxygen consumption leads to active work of the cardiovascular system. This increases blood flow in the tissues and has a positive effect on the basic metabolism.

The study showed that using a bicycle as a means of transportation on the way to work has an extremely positive effect on the body. In particular, it reduces the mortality rate by 40%.

Effects on the Cardiovascular System

Active physical exercise, by increasing the heart rate, speeds up the pumping of blood. This has a positive effect on arterial function, heart, and lung function. As a result, cycling helps fight hypertension, high cholesterol, and elevated triglycerides.

These Tips and Reasons To Start Cycling has a positive effect on maximum oxygen consumption. On average, in a non-sportsman, this parameter decreases by 10% every ten years, being one of the indicators of aging of the body.

Confronting Diabetes

Another benefit of bicycling is that it improves the body’s ability to use carbohydrate energy. Studies show that an hour of cycling (at an average pace and for overweight people) cut blood sugar levels in half. And the effect lasted up to 24 hours.

There is a normalization of the body’s response to insulin. This is the key hormone regulating energy storage. In the presence of diabetes, the body tissues may partially lose sensitivity to its action, which provokes overeating and gaining excessive weight.

Benefits of Cycling for the Brain

Regular exercise improves brain function and prevents the development of depression. Cycling (and other cardio) lowers cortisol levels while stimulating endorphin production. This affects a person’s stress levels and overall sense of self.

Cycling improves mood, sleep quality, and helps the brain remember new information more easily. On average, cycling increases blood flow in the brain by 28%, and in some areas by up to 70%.

Training Rules

The benefits of cardio depend on three parameters: the regularity of exercise, its duration, and heart rate. In the case of bicycling, we are talking about two or three bike rides a week for 30-60 minutes at a heart rate of 60-70% of maximum.

You should feel like you are pedaling at a speed that makes your heart beat faster but not too fast. Also, if you can easily keep up a conversation while cycling, you’re probably moving slowly.

Training in the Woods 

Among other things, exercising in the woods can have an effect on the body comparable to taking an aspirin pill. The reason is that the leaves and trunks of fallen trees produce and release into the air molecules that inhibit the decomposition of the trees themselves. Apparently, these molecules also have a relaxing effect on the human brain.

8 Easy Tips for Beginners 

If you’ve just started cycling, these tips will be helpful:

  • Don’t strive to break records. It’s better to relax and just have fun, it won’t take long to make progress. If you ride all the time clenching your teeth, you won’t get very far.
  • Allocate as much money as you can to a new bicycle. When you learn a little more about bikes, you’ll thank yourself. After all, buying the cheapest bike risks depriving yourself of the joy of a quality upgrade because of the design features. And the desire to upgrade comes sooner or later.
  • Study the weather forecast carefully. Take note of its variability and take action. It may be a good idea to bring rain gear or a little more water than usual if the weather promises to be hot.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. And also, do friends invite you to go somewhere you would never go? Say yes. Afraid your bike is unprepared enough for that route? Just try it. Either way, get an unforgettable adventure and a cool story to add to your piggy bank.
  • Take care of your bike. You don’t need to be a mechanic to take care of basic bike maintenance. First, lubricate the chain regularly. This will help extend the life of your bike’s parts and components and save you a lot of money in the long run. Make sure your wheels are properly inflated. Your bike shop can tell you the optimum tire pressure, and you can have your tires inflated if necessary. A properly inflated bike is easier and more comfortable to ride.
  • Just go for a ride. Always, everywhere, with friends, alone, in the woods, in the mountains, on the beach. Just ride, any ride doesn’t go in vain. You’ll learn new things about the bike and about yourself all the time.
  • Drink water, eat carbohydrates. However, it is important to keep yourself in shape, so the experience of the ride will be much more pleasant. By the way, the hills will also be conquered more willingly by a well-fed cyclist.
  • Try to avoid sharp turns on wet roads. The grip of the tires becomes worse, and this factor must be taken into account when making maneuvers. In wet weather, be careful and remember about the increased braking distance and the increased possibility of wheel blockage.


These Tips and Reasons To Start Cycling is an easy and effective way to stay healthy. Regular and sufficiently long exercise (at least 30 minutes) has a positive effect not only on the cardiovascular system and lungs but also improves brain function and helps fight depression.


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