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3 best social media promotion tips for your beauty salon

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The New Year is a special occasion where people go out and party and make resolutions for the year. Many people want to look their best for different events or try a new look for the new year. This is where beauty salons come in which can help people look their best. They help people improve their looks via facials, manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair styling, and other services.

As such, you will be reaching out to your audience and your Instagram followers using a visual medium as well; in your case, using flyers and posters.

As a beauty salon owner, you want to ensure that you effectively promote your beauty salon to the maximum number of people possible so they visit you to look good. You will need to use the power of social media as many people will be frequently visiting it during this time sharing pictures of events and just sharing thoughts for the new year. Here are some of the ways you can do so.

Flyers and Posters

People will be uploading pictures of their moments with their loved ones during the New Year. Meaning that social media platforms like Instagram will be receiving a lot of traffic. As such, you will be reaching out to your audience using a visual medium as well; in your case, using flyers and posters. A well-designed poster or a flyer that advertises your beauty salon and any offers you may be running for the New Year will capture your audience’s attention and deliver the message. To make a beauty salon flyer, you will need the help of a graphics designing service such as PosterMyWall.

You can utilize the easy-to-use designer to create a flyer in mere minutes. You can also use the hundreds of templates available to give yourself a basic structure that you can then modify and use. It’ll help you when you need a poster or flyer on short notice where you can just tweak a template with your design elements and information and use it.

In the example below, the salon is using a flyer to advertise the New Year’s offer that they have running. In this case, they offer a glass of champagne to people who visit during this time to celebrate the occasion and toast the New Year. You can replace the offer with something else, but you get a general idea of how a flyer can convey a lot of information with just one image.

Selfie Contest

People love putting up selfies, especially on the New Year. Use this opportunity to hold a contest offering a discount or a free service to customers who upload their selfies with a hashtag for your salon. Something like #yoursalonnye can work well. They can also tag your social media accounts to enter the contest as well.

Everyone likes free stuff and since you put up a prize at the end, people will be likely to engage and share their selfies with the relevant hashtags. The hashtags will generate traffic for your salon and create hype which will in turn generate more business. You can also upload a few posts yourself with the hashtag showing off some of your best work.

New Year, New You Campaign

People make resolutions around the New Year, some of which include completely changing their look and style. Use this opportunity to launch a “New Year, New You” campaign where you give entire makeovers to customers. For maximum effect, a discount or a deal to go along with it will be best. You can also create a special hashtag for the campaign or hop on to an existing one.

Advertise this package using relevant hashtags with posts made by PosterMyWall’s social media post designer to use social media marketing and promote your salon. People who are looking to change their looks or who want to get a makeover, will see this post and use your services to achieve their goal. You may also ask customers to show off their new looks using your campaign hashtag to generate even more hype. More importantly, it will act as a testimonial for people who can see the results of your services in front of them. And since the customer who shared the posts will be happy, people who see them will be confident they will achieve their New Year resolutions to change their looks.

The New Year is all about new beginnings and sending off the last year with a bang. People want to look good for this occasion and your salon is the perfect place for that. By using social media, you will be targeting all the people out there partying on the New Year and making resolutions to improve their looks. You will reach out to them and offer your salon as a means to prepare for their events and change their looks for their resolutions and such. Use hashtags, put in an engaging caption, and post regularly. Follow the advice given above and you can effectively promote your beauty salons over the New Year using social media.