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How to Grow Eyelashes? – About, Home-Grown Tricks and More

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Grow Eyelashes are gorgeous when they are long and well-groomed.

The edge the eye very healthy and give it much more expressiveness.

Not everybody is lucky sufficient to have long eyelashes, but there are many tricks and home remedies to make eyelashes grow naturally.

Even if we then touch up with some mascara or makeup that lengthens them more.

How to Grow Eyelashes with Home-grown Tricks?

Although genetics, health, age or hormonal changes can influence the size of our eyelashes.

We can indeed take care of them and achieve longer, healthier and stronger eyelashes.

This care is necessary not only for aesthetics but also for health issues.

What are the Remedies to Grow Eyelashes?

1. Eat a balanced diet

And this is reflected in every part of your body.

I am eating a balanced diet with a fair amount of vegetables, fruits, and protein sources.

It is the most pleasing thing you can do to keep your metabolism in check and grow eyelashes.

These foods provide you with vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, E and H, antioxidants and omega-3s, enhancing eyelashes’ growth.

2. Remove makeup and clean your eyelashes before sleeping

Your lashes also need a rest at night, especially from makeup chemicals that help beautify them during the day.

It is why you must remove your makeup and mascara every night!

You can use makeup removal products that are gentle on your eyes and of natural origin or prefer, use micellar water.

Finish removing the excess with a cotton ball.

3. Choose products of 100% natural origin

Nature offers us everything we need.

That is why different and more brands are leaning towards producing products that are 100% natural.

Whether it’s a mask to make your lashes look fuller during the day or makeup removers that quickly remove makeup while being gentle on your eyes.

We now have a wide range of products to choose from.

Chemical-free and eco friendly.

4. Castor oil

Castor oil or castor oil is one of the best known natural products to grow eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

Its properties such as proteins, vitamins and omega-six fats make it an ideal product to help your eyelashes grow long and healthy.

The calmest way to use it is to apply it at night with a clean mascara brush.

So you can apply it along the lashes, from root to tip. Remember to buy it from 100% natural origin.

5. Olive oil

This excellent oil so used in the kitchen is also perfect to hydrate, strengthen and grow eyelashes.

Apply it every night before sleeping on the lids and lashes to act as a natural conditioner.

Ensure it doesn’t get into your eyes when you apply it and don’t forget to remove it in the morning.

6. Green tea

It is another phenomenal plant from Asia, which we have already included in our daily lives for its countless benefits.

Well, the flavonoids in green tea are excellent for making your eyelashes look long and healthy naturally, thanks to their high antioxidant content.

To apply it, make an infusion with green tea leaves.

When it is warm, spread a cotton ball in the infusion and apply eyelids and eyelashes to stimulate growth.

What are the Products to Grow Eyelashes?

1. Lashes To Die For Turbo, by Peter Thomas Roth

It is a peptide-based night treatment that improves the three stages of the hair cycle.

It increases density and increases the thickness of the eyelashes.

2. Full Lash Serum Mascara, by Shiseido

This serum boosts health and beauty that features a moisturizing formula, perfect for showing off eyelashes thick kilometre strip.

Its velvety applicator is like that of a gloss, only more sufficient to reach the most challenging areas.

3. Lash Stunner Extreme Lash Primer, by Stila

It has a mixture of waxes and thickeners ingredients that help the tabs are kept flexible and sculpted.

Also, it makes the mask last longer and with a more intense look.

4. Eyelash Serum, Flash

Applies like liquid eyeliner, prevents breakage and increases length with fewer layers of mascara.

After 12 weeks of use, you will see how your lashes will be longer, conditioned and curled.

5. XL Lashes, by Axioma

It is an amplifying serum that provides density and abundance to the lashes, with a hypoallergenic and cruelty-free formula.

It is also recommending for those who wear contact lenses and have sensitive eyes.

What are the Simple Tips to Grow Eyelashes?

To grow eyelashes and retain them healthy and strong.

In addition to smearing some ingredients directly to the eyelashes and upholding a healthy diet.

There are nearly routines that promote eyelash growth.

  • It is essential to remove makeup every night.

Since the remains of makeup will injure the skin but

  • Brushing the lashes is also a very actual method.

Like we brush our hair, we can brush our eyelashes daily with a small brush from a worn mascara.

There are also special eyelash and brow brushes that can be purchasing.

  • Massaging your eyelids with olive oil on your fingertips is very useful.

As it activates blood circulation in this area and helps the oil’s nutrients penetrate the scalp easily.

  • Please do not abuse the eyelash curler, since its continued use over time can break them.

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