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How to Get Rid of Double Chin? – About, Practices and More

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Get Rid of Double Chin is something that we all fear will come into our lives.

The most common cause of double chin is usually overweight or excess body fat.

If you follow a diet in which fats predominate and also your lifestyle is sedentary, this may be the reason for your double chin.

Another cause is the passage of time since our body undergoes changes, and one of them is the loss of tone since we do not produce as much collagen, and our skin becomes more flaccid.

What are the Practices of Getting Rid of Double Chin?

1.Good hydration

We all know that water consumption is healthy, but few of us know one of its significant effects.

It keeps the skin healthy and free of wrinkles. Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

2. Avoid excess sun

Our parents have once told us all: “don’t sunbathe, you wrinkle yourself”, “the sun is bad for your skin”, “in a few years you will regret so much sun.”

The neck is susceptible to the sun’s rays, and they favour premature ageing, so we advise you to avoid sunbathing during the peak hours next summer, use sun protection, and, if you can, cover it with a scarf.

3. Do facial exercises

These will help you tone and firm your double chin skin. If you can do any of these exercises, your chin will look slimmer:

  • With your head tilted back, stick your lower lip out as far as possible.
  • With your head tilted back, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  • Close your lips for 5 seconds, then open your mouth in an “O” shape.
  • Open your mouth and pronounce all the vowels
  • Please choose any of these tips, even all, and do them for 15 seconds with a repetition of approximately five times.

4. Exercise your great ally

Sometimes a double chin is due to being overweight, so start by climbing the stairs and walking to do the shopping.

Avoid weight gain and loss, and prepare a balanced diet.

5. Follow a proper diet

To avoid flaccidity, a diet rich in antioxidants in which vitamins A, C and E predominate is adequate.

Eat fruits and vegetables, and prioritize fish over meat. Give importance to foods rich in fibre, such as rice, pasta and legumes.

Also, you can add natural apple, carrot, orange, strawberry, mango or pineapple juices, with which you will again stay hydrated.

Forget about miracle diets and eat well since they can produce a rebound effect, and the hunger you have gone through in a month is useless.

Eat a long-term diet that you can live with and not a fast diet based on starvation that can fail you at any moment.

6. Posture matters

Maintaining a good posture while eating, working or at the computer is very important. Keep your neck straight and your head in a neutral position.

7. Say yes to gum

Chewing gum is a good exercise since, apart from eliminating a double chin, it firms the neck and face muscles.

8. Alcohol and smoking is over

Both damage the skin and also promote the accumulation of fat.

9. Pamper yourself

Make yourself masks to firm your skin.

Here are the most used and natural ones.

Avocado Grape Mask

Mix a few grapes and avocado in a blender.

Egg and honey mask

Mixture a tablespoon of honey with an egg white in a container until you get it to be creamy.

Apple and melon mask

Mix in the blender a piece of melon and apple of similar sizes.

Oatmeal and yoghurt mask

Mix two tablespoons of oatmeal in a container and add the yoghurt.

Stir it until it is creamy.

All of these should be left applied between 20 and 30 minutes. Once this time has passed, wash it off with cold water and then use your usual moisturizer.

If you apply one every day, you will notice how your skin and double chin are firmer.

10. Exfoliation

Helps deeply nourish the skin, renew dead cells and firm up.

You can make it with products that you always have at home, such as salt or sugar.

You have to wet your face and rub one of these two products for a duration of 1 to 2 minutes.

Once this is done, rinse, dry and hydrate.

What are the Treatments to Remove Double Chin?

In addition to exercises to remove the double chin, you can also resort to treatments requiring medical intervention.

Among these, we find lipolysis, or liposculpture, in which a laser is used to melt fat and contour the skin.

This treatment only works for cases where the double chin is caused by excess fat or being overweight.

Another treatment that is also frequently performed is radiofrequency, which works with waves at different frequencies to heat and stretch the skin as a whole, affecting the lower layers of the skin, which makes it stand out from other treatments that fail in this appearance.

If you want your double chin to disappear, you can resort to one of the exercises that we have proposed.

But, if you want a more robust and definitive solution, think about some of the treatments that you have also read in this post. You have the last word.

What are the Exercises to Remove Double Chin?

To reduce the double chin, you can resort to a series of physical exercises with the jaw and neck muscles to reduce its volume.

These exercises should be done for a few months to be visible and longer permanent or as permanent as age allows.

One of the exercises you can do to reduce your double chin’s volume is to tilt your head back, looking at the ceiling.

Next, push your lower jaw forward to feel a stretch under your chin.

Count to ten and relax the movement. Repeat it ten times a day.

Another exercise begins like the previous one, that is, tilting your head back and looking at the ceiling.

The difference is that this is done with the gesture of giving a kiss to the ceiling, with great force and in an exaggerated way.

Then relax and repeat the movement ten times.

For the next exercise, you will need to look straight ahead, sticking your tongue out as far as possible and trying to touch your nose with it.

You must keep your tongue stretched towards your nose for 10 seconds and then release it.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Also, looking straight ahead, there is another exercise. With your head straight, close your mouth by bringing your upper and lower teeth together and sticking your tongue to them.

Then, with two fingers, continuously tap the double chin area for 10 seconds. Do ten reps.

In this exercise, we return our head to the ceiling. In this case, you will have to smile and press your tongue against the upper palate. Hold for 5 seconds, rest, and repeat ten times.

The last exercise we present is the following: put your chin to your chest and turn your head leisurely to the right.

It holds for 5 seconds and turns it to the left. Do ten reps, five on each side.

How to remove double chin naturally and without surgery?

A double chin is the accumulation of fat or sagging of the skin under the chin.

We tell you how to eliminate double chin with some exercises and treatments.

Facial mesotherapy to eliminate a double chin

You will surely know this action because it is quite real in reducing fat in the stomach, legs and arms.

This time it will help us eliminate that double chin that bothers us so much when we look in the glass or see ourselves in photos.

But how does the magic of mesotherapy work on the double chin? We explain it step by step to make it easier to understand:

First, your doctor or professional should give you vitamins, collagen microfilaments, amino acids, minerals, and other elements that help speed up cellular metabolism.

This must be done by physical injection or with a singular machine that is responsible for assisted infiltration.

Next, the professional should massage the area where the compounds have been injected to relax the muscles.

Afterwards, the solutions that are already inside your skin are absorbed by the body, and little by little, the fat in the double chin will be reduced.

It is not something immediate since you must wait a few weeks to see the results.

Also, it is convenient that once you finish the treatment, you start using a reducing and firming cream to apply on the double chin and neck.

The best thing about this treatment is that your body eliminates fat naturally since the substances injected into the affected area to reshape the face’s contour are natural compounds.

Facial radiofrequency to eliminate a double chin

This technique is not only used to remove fat from the double chin but is also applied to firm the skin and give it elasticity.

Radio frequency acts from within the skin, which produces benefits such as

  • Formation and restructuring of new collagen.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Lymphatic drainage: prevents fluid retention.
  • Fibroblast migration: providing support, elasticity and hydration.

This treatment is not only used for the double chin area. It is also used to reduce wrinkles on the forehead, crow’s feet, eye bags, or cheeks.

Regarding the number of sessions that we may need, each person is different, so before performing facial radiofrequency, the professional will determine the number of sessions that we will need to begin to see results.

Finally, the treatment procedure is quite simple. It consists of applying electromagnetic waves that generate heat in the affected area.

These waves reach the deepest layers of the skin, dissolving the localized fat in the area.

With this, collagen is produced, and thanks to its production, we get the muscles to firm themselves.

There are several radiofrequency methods, so we recommend that you go to a specialized clinic for advice and recommend what type of treatment is the best for you.