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How to Fix Eyebrows? – About and Tips

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Fix Eyebrows Grooming and styling your brows doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you want to keep them in proper shape you should get eyebrow extensions from an expert like as they are masters in this skill. Take care of them and keep them healthy by following the necessary steps to shape and make them up.

We know that the eyebrows are the frame of the face.

They give personality and expressiveness to our face, making it look bright and radiant.

If you want to know how to fix your eyebrows like a pro, follow these ten tricks and become a makeup artist. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What are the Tips to Fix Eyebrows?

1.      Wash your face frequently

To fix your brows, you’ll need to clean them during your regular facial cleansing routine.

Before plucking or grooming your eyebrows, wash your face.

Wet a small towel with warm water and rub it gently over your brows.

Don’t rub too hard because you could pull out some hair follicles.

2.      Find out the perfect shape for your eyebrows

Fix Eyebrows inside corner of the eyebrows should line up with the sides of the nose.

You can use a long pencil, makeup brush, or another object to take this measurement.

Align the straight edge against the outside of the nostril and the inside of the eye.

The brow should start where the straight edge is. Mark this point with an eyebrow liner. Do it on both eyebrows.

Look straight ahead and align the straight edge with the outside of the nose and the pupil to identify the arch’s position and mark it.

Align the straight edge with the outside of the nose and the eye’s outer corner to identify and mark the brow’s end.

  1. Choose an eyebrow shape based on your face type

Some people prefer to choose a shape based on their face’s general condition rather than perfect mathematical measurements.

Dependent on the size and figure of your face, you can try the following designs:

  • oval face: soft angled brow shape
  • heart-shaped face: rounded eyebrow
  • long look: flat eyebrow
  • round face: high arch brow
  • square face: curved or slanted brow
  • diamond-shaped face: rounded or curved brow

4.      Remove unwanted hairs with the tweezers

Epilate out-of-the-box hairs in the perfect way for you. Grab the hair’s root with the tips of the tweezers and quickly pull to the opposite side of its growth to pull it out completely.

Always wax the lower part of the eyebrow because you will have loose hair on your forehead for life if you do it in the upper part.

Be very careful not to wax excessively.

You can remove a few extra hairs afterwards, but your appearance will be very stiff if you pluck too much, and you will appear bald.

  1. Define the arcs

To create the desired shape, pluck a few hairs from the top or bottom, depending on your preference.

Comb the entire brow and pluck any hairs below the brow line.

You can leave them as wide as you like, but you should pluck them alternately to make them more even, and be sure to step back a bit to see yourself in the mirror.

6.      Epilate frequently to maintain your brows

It will be much easier to take care of your brows if you do it frequently, rather than doing it all at once.

Pluck out any stray hair that has grown back and trim your brows often to keep them tame.

Then, comb the hairs in the direction of their natural growth so that they sit smoothly.

Combing your eyebrows up and out will help them grow in that direction.

7.      Try threading

To thread your hair, you will need a thin sewing thread.

Take a long piece and tie the ends.

Roll it around your index finger and middle finger, turn your hands three times to create two circles. Manipulate the thread with both fingers and thumb.

8.      Bring the thread to the eyebrow

As you make a larger circle and a smaller one, the rolled centre will hold the hairs where it passes and pull them out.

Do it very carefully and practise slowly until you have mastered the technique.

The thread could slip quickly and pull a lot of hair in the wrong direction. Use the floss to keep “brushing” the brow up and out. Then use a moisturizing face wash to take care of your skin.

  1. Use makeup to lighten or darken your brows

Keep your brows 1-2 shades lighter than your hair if your hair is dark, like black or brown, and 1-2 shades darker if you have blonde or blond hair.

If you have coloured hair and don’t want to dye your eyebrows, you can go black or get a good quality shadow and liner combo in your hair colour.

Use a pigmented white cream and brow brush to neutralize the dark colour. You may need to apply multiple coats.

Use a transparent or translucent powder, and then apply the new colour.

10.  Apply an eyeliner

Choose an eyeliner that is a shade darker or the same shade as your hair’s roots to create this makeup.

Make sure to stay within the brow shape and not liner outside.

If you want to achieve a healthy and attractive look, you can outline the brows and then fill them in with a dark colour.

Be careful if you do this because you might have no eyebrows, and you just painted them.


Use just a little bit of product to avoid creating a smeared or unnatural appearance.

When you apply the product, develop lines similar to the eyebrows’ hairs.

This way, they will look more natural, and you will prevent them from looking ridiculous.

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