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The CBD and CBD oil are one of the best-known active ingredients of the hemp plant. In contrast to THC, the CBD is not intoxicating and psychoactive. The substance is obtained from the CBDa of the grown cannabis plant. Unlike CBDa, which is often referred to as “inactive”, the effectiveness of CBD has now been well researched in the medical field . Due to its versatile, healthy active ingredients, hemp oil has an analgesic effect about various inflammatory and chronic diseases.

  • Hemp oil relieves acute inflammation and pain – including fibromyalgia.
  • Patients with gout problems also benefit from the pain relieving hemp oil.
  • Hemp oil counteracts the pain of sclerosis and helps Parkinson’s patients relax their muscles.
  • From a psychological point of view, the hemp oil has a calming effect. People who consume the oil in one of the possible modes of consumption are less likely to develop depression and have healthier and calmer sleep.

Hemp Oil For Better Sleep

In 1988, researchers discovered cannabis receptors in all important areas of the brain and human immune cells and thus our cannabis system. This is extremely important for our health and wellbeing. It regulates the nervous and immune systems and affects moods, memories, metabolism and joie de vivre. But if everything gets out of balance due to stress, for example, we need external support. This can be remedied by dietary supplements such as CannaPur. The highly concentrated vegetable oil from the leaves and seeds of the hemp plant contains 100 cannabinoids. These communicate with the receptors in our body and can positively influence processes in our nervous system.

Take Hemp Seed Oil For A Strengthened Immune System

Hemp oil can also used internally. For this purpose, capsules with CBD are to take two to three times a day with a little water. Alternatively, the hemp seed oil can used in the kitchen when cooking. The hemp oil should be taken twice a day as a dose of one tablespoon to strengthen the immune system. It should noted that no water should be taken in addition to the oil. A dosage of three capsules daily recommended for patients who use the hemp oil against recurring stomach ailments. It is important not to take more or fewer capsules than stated on the package insert. In case of doubt, medical consultation may be necessary.

When cooking, the versatile hemp seed oil is ideal for refining salads, dressings and cold sauces. Nevertheless, it is also dosed straight – for example, drizzled on a baguette – a special treat. Unlike most medicines, the oil tastes pleasantly tart and earthy, and thanks to the many carbohydrates and proteins, it is also filling. As far as storage is concerned, a distinction must be made between hemp seeds and hemp oil. While the seeds have a long shelf life, the natural oil oxidizes relatively quickly and can be harmful to health after a certain period. Therefore, users should keep an open bottle of hemp oil in the pantry for a maximum of two months.

Hemp Plant Makes The Hair Look Healthier

The CBD of the hemp plant is a particularly valuable additive for natural cosmetic hair care. The plant contains many omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which soften brittle or brittle hair and give it a new shine. The resistant fatty acids protect the outer hair layer, which means that the scalp hair can cope better with external environmental pollution. This persistence recommended mixing shampoo with hemp oil and lightly massage a handful into wet, damaged hair. Then it is important to rinse the hair thoroughly with water so that it does not appear greasy instead of healthy and shiny. In the days after shampooing, the hair is easier to comb and can still enjoy the calming and refreshing effect of the CBD for some time.

Cbd Oil For External Use On The Skin

NordicOil’s high-quality CBD products can consumed in different ways. For external use, the highly effective hemp seed oil can applied to the skin. Thanks to the valuable components of the CBD, the largest human sensory organ receives a health benefit that does not contain any chemical substances. The healthy ingredients are responsible for this. It is rich in vitamins that keep the skin, hair and nails looking healthy and soft. Also, it helps to care for dry or acne-prone skin. Simultaneously, when applied externally to the skin, another positive effect occurs, namely the reduction in itching.
For this reason, users who suffer from neurodermatitis should also use seed oil against their symptoms. The oil can easily applied to the skin, and unlike conventional creams, it does not leave an unpleasant film on the skin. The cream should ideally applied in the morning and evening and should absorbed into the skin for a few minutes.

An alternative variant is to use moisturizing body creams with CBD ingredients. Many of the products on offer enriched with valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids with other healthy ingredients in addition to hemp oil. These include, for example, shea butter, calendula or vitamin E. After daily use, the skin smells, shines with a silky shine and maintains its natural balance. It is then advisable to rinse the skin thoroughly with water and do a small skin test before use. People with sensitive skin thus minimize the risk of skin irritation.

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