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The Ultimate Guide On Wigs For First-Time Buyers

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Understandably, buying a wig can be a bit daunting, but what if we tell you that you are not alone? Millions of people all over the world wear wigs every day. Whether to change their look or cover hair loss from alopecia, many people invest in lace front wigs daily to look beautiful, empowered, and fierce shining their alter-egos. If you also like lace front wigs, high recommend UNice Wigs offer versatility to embrace your style and personality conveniently. However, choosing a perfect wig for yourself can be challenging, especially if you are a first-timer. The numerous options today have made choosing a suitable wig quite overwhelming.

But, you do not have to worry. We have created a complete guide on wigs for beginners, helping you choose the perfect wig that suits your style, persona, and vibes.

Here are a few aspects you need to focus on before purchasing a wig you desire.

The Wig’s Hair Material

There are three most common wig materials available in the market.

Human Hair

Just like any natural hair, human hair offers countless styling possibilities. You can style them however you want, such as straighten them up, perm, curl, color, etc. Human hair wigs look more natural and are suitable for daily wear. However, being natural hair but still artificial (in a way), these wigs require high maintenance and upkeep.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic wigs are almost similar to human hair wigs, without even anyone recognizing that it is not natural hair. It is more of a ‘wear-and-go’ type of a wig, which does not need much styling. It must be kept from all heat sources like curlers, straighteners, etc., as they can permanently damage the fibers.

Heat-resistant Synthetic Fiber

Another great option for wigs is a heat-friendly synthetic fiber that can resist heat if the temperature is below 220F. Hence, you can style these wigs in any way you want, being careful with those degrees.

The Face Shape & Head Size

Before investing in your chosen wig, one of the most essential factors to look upon is your face shape and your head’s size. These aspects are important because they will decide how good the wig’s texture, style, and color will loom on you and how it will naturally enhance your features.

Your head’s size

Although there is an option to buy adjustable wigs, some wigs come in a specific size. They are better than the latter since they can fit accurately on your head, looking more natural and smooth. A woman’s average head size is 23 to 24 inches, but it can sometimes be smaller or bigger. Therefore, measure your head’s size correctly, and then apply the measurement to the wigs’ size charts to determine your perfect fit.

Your head’s shape

Name the color and style you need, and you will find a wig for it. The wigs come in every shape, style, length, and color. However, choosing the one that suits you the best can be overwhelming from such great options. Here are six common types of face shapes that can help you select a perfect wig for yourself.

Heart-shaped: Wide forehead but narrow chin.

Round-shaped: Forehead and cheek width is equal, giving them a fuller appearance.

Oval-shaped: The face is long instead of wide.

Square-shaped: The face is similar in length and width, with a more defined jawline.

Diamond-shaped: The face is wider from the cheeks.

Rectangular-shaped: The face is long from the sides, with the forehead and chin equal in width.

Once you learn about your face shape, it will be easy to understand what hairstyle will suit you the best, thus making it much more convenient to purchase the perfect wig.

What’s Your Style?

Now that you are fully aware of the basics of buying a wig, it is time to look for a wig that enhances your personality and displays your style. We have divided the wig style into two parts: The color and the texture. Let us have a look.

Color Customization

Though blonde is a popular choice of color in a wig, it might not complement everyone’s look and skin tone. Apart from blonde, there are hundreds of different hues that wigs are available in, from natural to playful radiant shades. Before choosing your color, have a look at the following valuable tips:

Before investing in a colorful wig, just consider whether you will stick with this shade forever or change it in the future.

Pre-dyed wigs cannot be colored again. Hence choosing a dyed wig, make sure you will use that shade again.

The hair texture of the wig affects its color significantly. Therefore, invest in a high-quality dyed wig.

The Texture

Virgin human hair wigs are the answer if you want more natural and healthier locks. These natural wigs are undyed and unstyled or chemically processed. Virgin hair wigs are available in a variety of texture options which are as follows:

Straight: For a minimal, sleek look without curls or waves.

Yaki straight: Gently steamed hair to give the most natural appearance, with each strand having a slight wave, just like your natural hair.

Body wave: For a fuller, effortless appearance, with a loose wave instead of a tighter roll.

Water wave: Medium curls, perfect for occasions and even work.

Curly: tighter curls with more volume and a fuller appearance.

Invest In The Best

Price has always been the most important factor when buying a wig online, in-stores, or just educating yourself about different wig types. One important thing to consider while buying a wig is its durability. You will find hundreds of options at a lower price, but unfortunately, these wigs do not offer quality or durability and do not look natural enough. However, if you invest in the right wig at a wig store online, your investment will be worth it with proper maintenance.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are experienced or a beginner buying wigs, we hope you will consider this guide to purchase the perfect wig for yourself. There is so much more than just the wig’s color to look for when investing in a wig, so take full advantage of the tips mentioned above and learn the essential factors when purchasing a wig, such as the texture, the hair types, and your head’s size, shape, etc. Good luck!