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Expérience Culinaire Chez un Habitant De Latiano Avec Show Cooking

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Culinary Experience at a Local’s Home in Latiano With Show Cooking

Expérience Culinaire Chez un Habitant De Latiano Avec Show Cooking: A culinary experience at a Latiano local’s home with show cooking promises to be a delightful and immersive journey into the heart of Puglian cuisine. Latiano, located in the Apulia region of Italy, is famous for its rich culinary traditions, featuring fresh, local ingredients and authentic flavors.

Here, you discover food stores you probably wouldn’t have found before, prepare three regional recipes, and dine in your host’s home for an intimate experience, not all travelers enjoy.

Your Experience

Choose a lunch or dinner dining experience and enter your host’s kitchen to watch a hands-on class. Prepare four delicious dishes with helpful tips from your host and discover traditional Italian flavors famous in Brindisi and beyond. Learn the basics of Italian cooking from a Brindisi local. Enjoy by preparing four dishes of traditional Brindisi cuisine.

Warm Welcome:

Upon arrival at your host’s home, you can expect a warm and genuine welcome. Puglian hospitality is renowned, and you’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile and perhaps a glass of local wine.

Introduction to Local Ingredients:

Your host may take you through the local ingredients used in Puglian cuisine. Expect olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, pasta, and other staples that define the region’s gastronomy.

Show Cooking:

The highlight of the experience will be a show cooking session where your host, likely a skilled home cook, demonstrates how to prepare traditional Puglian dishes. It is an interactive and educational part of the experience where you can ask questions, learn techniques, and even lend a hand if you’re feeling adventurous.

Menu:Expérience Culinaire Chez un Habitant De Latiano Avec Show Cooking

The menu might include classic dishes like orecchiette pasta with broccoli rabe, Taralli (a type of savory snack), friselle (toasted bread), local cheeses, and perhaps a seafood dish, given Latiano’s proximity to the Adriatic Sea.

Pasta and cabbage Bari style or Orecchiette or Potatoes, rice and mussels Plat principal Second course with side dish Samples of two dishes: fish soup ‘alla Brindisina’ or squid stuffed with tomato sauce or mussels and fries Dessert Apulian dessert Example of dessert dish: Pumpkin pie or Sasanelli or Zeppola cookies or Tiramisu or similar typical desserts

Dining Together:

After the cooking demonstration, you’ll have the pleasure of sitting down to enjoy the meal together. It is a time to savor the flavors, share your stories, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Cultural Insights:

Your host might also share insights into the cultural significance of certain dishes, family traditions, and the role of food in Puglian celebrations.

Dessert and Coffee:

Italian meal is incomplete without a sweet ending. Enjoy a delicious dessert like pasticciotto (a custard-filled pastry) and a robust and aromatic espresso cup.

Personal Connection:

One of the most rewarding aspects of such an experience is the personal connection you’ll form with your host. Sharing a meal in someone’s home provides a unique glimpse into local life and offers a chance to forge meaningful connections.

How do You Get Confirmation?

  • You will receive a confirmation upon booking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Nearby public transport
  • No particular physical condition is required
  • This tour/activity is private.
  • Only your group will participate.

Terms of Cancellation

  • You get a full refund if you cancel before 24 hours
  • You will not get your refund if you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience starts.
  • Reservation cut-off times are based on the time zone of the experience.


Expérience Culinaire Chez un Habitant De Latiano Avec Show Cooking: It is ideal for travelers looking for an authentic experience in Bergamo. You can combine a food walking tour and private cooking class into one convenient excursion. Remember to express your gratitude for the experience, as the effort put into hosting guests for a culinary experience like this is extraordinary.

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