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How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step

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Do you resist the eyeshadow? We will instruct you how to create professional eyeshadows in 6 easy steps. Don’t give up on a radiant look!

Mascara and eyeliner have become essential makeup items that will allow you to get the most out of your look. And the eyeshadow? We explain how to use them correctly, step by step:

1. Prepare The Eyelid For Glitter Eyeshadow

Before you start applying eye makeup, use an eye primer or primer. Available in liquid or cream format, this product prepares the eyelid before applying makeup. Makes eyeshadow long-lasting and pigmented, promotes even application, and prevents cracking.

Most eye foundations are flesh-colored and concealed with makeup, although there are also golden or shimmer shades to further enhance the look.

2. Use At Least Three Shades And Mix Well

You can choose the shades you want. For beautiful eyeshadow makeup, we recommend using three colors from the same color range, from lightest to darkest.

In the following steps, we will explain how and where to apply each of the shadows. Finally, choose a bright and light fourth shade to illuminate the lacrimal area and the arch of the eyebrow.

The application technique is very important in obtaining good results. Use two brushes, one to apply the eyeshadow and the other to blend.

Who didn’t have to remove their eyes after applying eyeshadow because they looked like a raccoon? One of the most common mistakes is not blurring the shadows. However, this is a critical step towards proper eye makeup. Otherwise, the darkness will not look natural and will create a terrible raccoon effect.

3. Apply A Transition Shadow For A Beautiful Eyeshadow

For this step, use the lightest of the three color you have chosen. The shades used should be in the same color range for a more professional result.

Apply this shadow in the eye socket and blend well with the diffuser brush. In this way, you can combine different shades and reduce the differences between different shades for a much more natural result.

4. Apply The Central Shadow To The Eyelid

This shade will dominate the makeup. In this case, use a smooth brush to apply the product to the entire eyelid. Then stir well to achieve a natural result and reduce excess product.

5. Provides Depth Of View With The Darkest Shade

Apply the darkest shade to the eye socket’s external corner, where the bone ends, and blend gently to avoid cuts.

6. Shadow To Illuminate The Eyeshadow

Finally, add shine and brighten the look and apply a shimmering shadow over the tear area and browbone.

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