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8 Reasons Why Your Eyelash Extensions Fall

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False eyelashes are a simple, semi-permanent way to make your lashes look fuller and longer Eyelash . These extensions don’t stay forever and fall off with time. However, they do require some maintenance and if not cared for properly, they won’t last as long as they should.

Here are some of the reasons why your eyelash extensions are falling off and how you can control them.

1.      Natural Lash Shedding

Your eyelash sheds once it completes its life cycle and is replaced by new ones. Just like the hair on our head! Oftentimes, several lashes reach the final stage at the same time.

The real problem arises when your lashes start to shed a lot more. And there are quite a few reasons why this is happening.

2.      Not cleaning your lashes daily

Eyelash Extensions

This is a big NO-NO! Just like your skin; oil, dirt, and dead skin cells can get trapped on your eyelashes so it is necessary to clean them with an eyelash shampoo and cleanser.

Washing your lashes every day will ensure they are kept squeaky clean, resulting in long-lasting lashes.

3.      Poor lash application

Your lash technician may have used too little glue and the extensions may not be sticking to the natural lashes. Another reason is old or poor-quality glue. Because of this, your lash extensions will just pop off!

Make sure you go to a quality place to get your lash extensions and your lashes are applied by a qualified lash expert. Never compromise on anything when it comes to your lashes!

4.      Wearing mascara or waterproof makeup

Wearing waterproof mascara can weaken the bond of the adhesive on your eyelashes. If you still insist on wearing mascara, apply it only to the middle and down to the tip of your lashes.

Waterproof makeup is hard to remove. You will end up lifting off the extensions when trying to remove the makeup.

Eyelash Extensions

5.      Rubbing or picking the extension

If you’re not used to the falsies, you will find yourself wanting to rub or pick on the extensions. This could loosen the adhesive and cause the lashes to fall off. It could also lead to the loss of your natural lashes as well.

Avoid rubbing or picking out your lashes and they will thank you with more longevity.

6.      Medications and vitamins

Some medications can affect the lash area making the lashes weak. Some vitamins can have a negative effect on the growth, shedding, and overall health of the lashes.

7.      Direct exposure to water soon after the application

It is advised to avoid water and moisture for the initial 24-48 hours after getting your lash extensions. The water can prevent the glue from doing its job properly.

It can also cause irritation on the lashes and can lead to harmful eye rubbing. You’re free to get back to a normal bathing routine once the lashes are properly stuck.

8. Not doing proper care

Taking care of your lashes goes beyond the first 24-48 hours. Truth is, you need to do proper care of your lashes the whole time if you want them to last longer.

  • Gently brush them off to remove any dirt or residue and to avoid getting them tangled.
  • Proper cleaning around the area is necessary to avoid irritation and infection.
  • Avoid using oil-based serums and cleansers near your lash extensions.
  • Try sleeping on your back instead of your stomach as your lashes can rub into the pillow.
  • You have to maintain a proper diet to ensure the good growth of your natural lashes.

As you can tell, there are so many ways to make sure your lashes don’t fall out easily. With the proper care and right application, you can enjoy the last-lasting, fuller, and beautiful-looking lash extensions.