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What are the Best Makeup Brands? – About and Brands

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Best Makeup Brands is very broad, and currently, you can find a wide variety of brands.

That offers you an infinite number of products with specific characteristics.

Today we analyze which are the best makeup brands currently on the market and what each one offers.

When we look for beauty products, we always find countless makeup brands, some used by professionals and others much more popular.

Whether for its variety of articles, for its textures, formulas, or colors, each one stands out from the rest and achieves real sales successes.

However, knowing which makeup brands to look at when buying a particular product can be the key to getting the best makeup, with a professional and long-lasting finish.

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Best makeup brands

According to quality-price

In the market, we find cosmetics brands of high-end and more affordable.

1. MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is a makeup brand considered the best in the world for its quality, originality, and a wide selection of cosmetics.

At first, MAC   was only using makeup professionals, but its fame was such that it began to be commercialized in the market and achieved sales records.

It is the makeup brand par excellence of the famous and also of the beauty experts.

There have been many who have stated on many occasions that they only use MAC products.


NARS   is another of the best known and most used makeup brands in the world.

It was founding in France, and its products have reached the hands of the best professionals.

It is also considering a cult makeup brand to look for innovative makeup with vibrant colors and unmatched finishes.

But without a doubt, her most favorite product is her blush called ‘ Orgasm. ‘

3. Bobbi Brown

Professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown founded her makeup brand to meet the needs of millions of women searching for products designed for every skin type.

Since then, Bobbi Brown has been the benchmark firm for finding the most comprehensive range of makeup base shades, also designed for each skin tone and type.

4. NYX makeup

NYX   is one of the makeup brands that has gained more popularity in recent years.

Despite not being considered a high-end firm, it is trendy, especially among beauty bloggers, for its surprising product and money value.

Since many of its products have very affordable prices.

One of their standout items is Nyx Lip Ligerine matte lipstick.

5. L’Oréal Paris

L’Óreal Paris is another of the most famous makeup brands globally and one of the most used by both experts and clients.

It is one of the leading companies in the sector that has preferred to sell quality beauty products at affordable prices without lowering the quality.

Both are foundations, such as mascara to facials, L’Oréal is always present in every household in the world.

6. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder makeup has been one of the best for decades.

Both its makeup and cosmetic products are characterizing by offering the best care and quality.

Many celebrities turn to their products and the ‘Double Wear’ makeup base, one of the best sellers.

7. Shiseido

Another of the cosmetic and makeup brands recognized for the high quality of their products is the Japanese brand Shiseido.

Innovation and better assets to obtain luxury products for the skin have catapulted it among the best.

Shiseido’s makeup most praised for its results is the ‘Future Solution LX Total Radiance’ foundation for spectacular skin.

8. Maybelline

The Maybelline firm is one of the most famous and affordable makeup brands in the world.

Both makeup foundations and lipstick are big hits for their texture, quality, and low price.

One of the most popular lipsticks is Maybelline Matte Ink.

Although nothing can match Maybelline mascara’s rage, a ‘bestseller’ that is not lacking in any cosmetic bag.

The Cheapest Makeup Brands

Although these tremendous cosmetic brands’ success and confidence have not been preventing.

More and more consumers from trying to find cheaper alternatives to their daily routine products.

Although some already offer high-quality makeup at affordable prices, for many, it is not enough.

These two brands have great value for money.

1. Mercadona and its supermarket makeup

It is for this reason that they turn to cosmetic products from supermarkets.

In this sense, the one who takes the cake is Mercadona with its well-known Deliplus line.

Among the expert recommendations, among the best Deliplus makeup is the Maxi Volume mascara, the Color Fix lipstick, or the   Fixed & Covering makeup base.

2. ‘Low-cost’ makeup at Primark

But if there is a  ‘low-cost’ makeup that causes havoc, it is sold at Primark.

The Irish fashion firm has made its beauty line a success, and every once in a while.

It launches impressive new ‘beauty‘ products that sell out in minutes.

His ‘bestseller’ is a   red matte lipstick that only costs 2 euros.

3. Kevin Aucoin

It isn’t easy to find this firm in Spain, but the search is worth it, and the wait also if you ask for it abroad.

Its bases and brushes are a true marvel, without a doubt a brand to take into account, and that is interesting to try.

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