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What is the Best Nail Polish? – About, Differences, and More

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Nail polish are cosmetic products that complement our look perfectly.

They are designing for both fingernails and toenails.

When winter and summer arrive, we take the sandals out of the closet, then the toenails are prepared to fill with colour.

In the market, it is possible to find nail polishes of all colours.

You can also select between matte, brighter, crackle effect, mirror, and a long etcetera.

In addition to colour, the nails can also sport different motifs and designs, so the options are numerous.

One of the most recommended models Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine, a quick-drying nail polish available in the most innovative colours of the season.

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What are the Differences between Normal, Semi-permanent, or Permanent Nail Polish?

Normal Nail Polishing

It is the one that is removed with nail polish remover (mainly composed of acetone) and lasts between 4 and 7 days approximately.

It is the traditional Nail Polishing, the one of all the life.

Initially, in the quest to extend the life of nail polish, the colouring pigment is added to acrylic and gel manicures in thin layers.

Later, technology progressed to give rise to less abrasive products such as the ones I am showing you today,

Permanent or Semi-permanent Nail Polish

The name is a matter of commercial and taste differentiation.

Permanent Nail Polish, that semi-permanent Nail Polish should be easy to remove at home, and their duration should be limited.

How to Choose Nail Polish Brand?

When choosing the best permanent Nail Polish brands, we must take into account several factors.

The most important is: if it respects the natural nail, the price, the quality, and the colours.

·         Nail Polish Color

Without hesitation, when it comes to comparing nail polish, colour is essential.

This aspect is linking to the tastes of the users.

In this sense, you can find practically nail polishes of all shades and colours on the market.

These shades range from light to dark.

Also, those with a touch of glitter can wear the style that you like the most.

For this reason, it can be a Nail Polish suitable for people of all ages and preferences.

There are, for example, the conventional ones, such as pink, red, or burgundy.

It is possible to acquire almost any colour, even the most daring, such as electric blue, black, or fluorescent tones.

·         Drying Time

Everyone wants an inexpensive nail polish and offers as short a drying time as possible.

Sometimes, we are in a hurry, and we need our nails to be perfect in the shortest possible time.

It means that, more and more, nail polishes with reduced drying time are choosing.

It will depend on the nail polish used, but, in general, nails will not be dehydrating for 30 minutes under normal conditions.

It means that you must be careful not to touch or handle any object to avoid bubbles or deterioration of the Nail Polish.

·         Brush Typology

Another factor to consider is the brush.

For example, if the brush is small, you will most likely need more strokes, and the time and effort dedicated to this task will be more significant.

Generally, nail polishes can be present with a conventional bristle brush, but this can also be round and plastic.

You will have to weigh, in each case, which one suits you best.

·         Nail Polish Duration

If you wonder how much costs, you should know that its price will be related to various elements.

One of them is, without hesitation, the duration of the nail polish.

Before acquiring one, you must be clear about the type of Nail Polish it is and, of course, if it suits your requirements.

The most frequent is the conventional one, that is, the one that we all know and that, on occasion, we have had at home.

What are the Best Brands Of Nail Polish?

1. Glaze

It is China Glaze’s brand (of American origin, not Chinese as you can imply, and oriented to salon and professionals).

Hands down one of my favourite permanent brands, for numerous such reasons.

Firstly, it is a two-step scheme; you do not need to use a primer or base.

It is correctly fixing to the nail and when it is removing the natural nail is healthy and shiny.

It cures in a minimal time (30 seconds), and its topcoat is lovely.

2. Nailists

It is a permanent for professionals manufactured in the European Union (Germany).

Its medium viscosity formula contains many more pigments than most permanent Nail Polish.

Thanks to this consistency, an effect similar to that of gel nails are achieving by applying two thin layers.

3. Shellac

With the backing of one of the best nail brands (CND).

It is one of the first to develop and make permanent Nail Polish fashionable.

So much so that it has remained a classic in beauty salons.

Its quality and fame are indisputable, so it could not stop being one of the first on the list.

If it is not higher, it is because of its price, for my taste costly.

Around 14-22 euros depending on the size of the bottle.

4. Silcare

It is a somewhat unknown brand that comes from Poland.

It is a low cost, and therefore its products tend to have low prices, although it is expecting that they come in tiny bottles.

It is an ideal brand to start and not spend a lot of money, although I do not recommend it for salon professionals.

One of its main faults is that you can’t see the colour on the bottle, but rather that it is numbering.

5. IPO

Another of the famous salon brands from the United States.

This brand has excellent quality. Its formula is positively perfect since they have years of experience.

Impeccable formulation, beautiful and very striking bottles for your living room, ideal brush for application.

Indeed, these brands’ price inflates by the spending they make on advertising, like almost all the big brands.

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