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Which is the Best Long Lasting Lipstick? – About, Duration and More

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The Long Lasting Lipstick, that holds the color without looking cracked and with signs of dryness after a few hours.

It is essential to hydrate the base, a suitable lipstick, and a final touch to achieve an extra duration.

Prepare your lips with Guerlain Fixer and Straightener.

Treat the lips before applying the lipstick and thus achieve a smooth, uniform, and rounded appearance.

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How to Enhance the Duration of your Lipstick?

In addition to using specially formulated lipsticks to last all day.

There are also other methods with which to make the lipstick last longer.

1.      Prep the lips

The exfoliation must reach your mouth with lip scrubs that eliminate.

The little skins that remain with part of the lipstick and spoil the homogeneity of the mouth.

2.      Apply a primer that hydrates

It protects and enhances the color of the lipstick.

You can use a lip balm that is not too shiny.

3.      Profiling makes the lipstick last longer

In addition to outlining the edges of the mouth, also apply the lipstick on the lips, never better said.

4.      Mattify with translucent powder

If you want a matte finish or with a bit of lip balm that enhances the shine, but don’t overdo it.

What are the Different Kinds of Lipstick?

Matte finish

It almost seems obligatory to join the word matte to the term long-lasting.

But the reality is that the usual matte lipsticks do not have to last several hours.

When choosing a lipstick it is important to avoid those that, to remain perfect for longer, terribly dry out the lip and end up ‘peeling’.

Look for creamy textures that melt with the lip and that do not dry out becoming immovable pastes.

A.      Zara Ultimatte UM15 (€ 9.95)

Yes, Zara launched the beauty line and did it well.

It specifically with the advice of Pat MacGrath to create lipsticks with a velvety finish.

That does not dry out or crack and last for several perfect hours.

They contain vitamin E to hydrate and protect the lip.

B.      Liquid Matte by Huda Beauty (€ 21.95)

Creamy, easy-to-apply lipstick with extreme coverage and pigmentation.

It is practically immovable for hours without drying or cracking.

Although you will notice that you are wearing it.

The mate king of Instagram.

C.      Lo-Fi Lip Mousse by Urban Decay (€ 20.55)

It’s the brand’s latest lip release and its texture makes you fall in love.

It is creamy to the touch but on an application.

It transforms into a very natural finishing powder that leaves the lip with color but with a light sensation capable of resisting several hours.

D.      Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream (€ 7)

It is another of the heavyweights in sales and popularity.

Creamy and very tasty, when it dries it remains fixed to the lip.

It achieving a very intense color without giving up the matte finish.

Its size is ideal to take it everywhere, even if you don’t need to touch it up.

E.       Panoramic Longwear Lip Liner by Hourglass (€ 29.68)

Yes, it is a profiler, but it is practically indelible. Everyone knows that lipsticks last longer.

Although they tend to be difficult to apply on larger surfaces.

However, this liner, in addition to being creamier and less rigid, comes with a down that helps to blur the line and distribute the color.

F.       Rouge Velvet The Lipstick by Bourjois (€ 7.50)

Super creamy and with a matte finish, as if it were a blush but that lasts for several hours without losing an iota of color.

Perfect for natural makeup with pink tones or ultra-sexy in red and orange tones.

Hydrating finish

Of course, you can achieve that your lips hardly need touch-ups.

The day without resorting to only matte finishes, because of moisturizing lipsticks.

Of course, they are super comfortable and they do not lose color.

a)      Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Light (€ 24.55)

A light and ‘ultra-glossy’ finish capable of lasting several hours without drying out the lips, which is ideal with washed face makeup.

b)      Joli Rouge by Clarins (€ 22.09)

It is a long-lasting super-hydrating lipstick that leaves the lips with a pleasant sensation of juiciness without having an excessively shiny finish.

The typical perfect lipstick for day to day that you can apply layer after layer without feeling a feeling of heaviness.

c)       INGLOT lipstick (€ 15.95)

Professional finish with ultra-pigmented colors that hydrates and protects the lip thanks to vitamin E and apricot kernel oil.

Available in more than 30 very natural shades.

d)      Phyto-Rouge à Lèvres Hydratant Longue Tenue by Sisley Paris (€ 44.99)

Long-lasting lipstick that hydrates without leaving the lip ultra-shiny.

It glides on very easily, simplifying its application and does not smudge on contact.

e)      MAC Powder Lipstick (€ 19.50)

As its name suggests, its finish is velvety and pigmented, without creating a mask effect since it blends perfectly with the lip.

The lip acquires tone but without sealing effect, rather it is a bitten lip, slight and very natural.

Tinted lipstick

Another way to ensure that the lips last for hours and hours without losing color is through lip tints.

It is either alone or with a juicy finish so that, when the first glossy layers are gone, the color resists.

 I.            Bene-tint de Benefit (€ 36.95)

It is a liquid dye with an applicator similar to nail polish.

Go over the lip without taking too much product as it can overflow and use your finger to spread it quickly.

Since once it comes into contact with the skin, it begins to stain.

Go over until you get the desired shade. But importantly, apply a lip balm on top to maintain proper hydration.

II.            Givenchy Encre Interdit (cpv)

It is the new creation of the French firm that leaves the lips with a shiny and juicy finish without giving up the vibrant mar color.

As it contains lip tint, even if you kiss, drink or eat, the color remains and you only have to touch up your lipstick if you want extra juiciness.

Super summer and refreshing colors.

III.            Rouge Dior Liquid (€ 31.95)

Thanks to its moisturizing and comfortable texture, it lasts up to 12 hours without the need for retouching.

It is also available in 3 finishes, matte, metallic, and satin, leaving the lips with a perfectly sealed finish but without drying out.

IV.            Vernis Vinyl Cream by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty (€ 42.50)

It is an idea of ​​its brightness and color intensity.

Perfect coverage accompanied by lip tint so that when the shine wears off, the color stays on your lips.

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