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4 Services To Look For Your In Your Go-To Dry Cleaners

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Experienced dry cleaners offer so much more than just cleaning suits and dresses for the office. Often, a whole range of services is provided by dry cleaners, with some offering pickup and delivery. There are even shops that offer mail order, so you are never without service, even in remote areas.

When you need help with dry cleaning, search online for dry cleaners near me. Below are four ideas for what to look for in dry cleaning services.

1. Wash and Fold Laundry

Laundry has a way of multiplying in volume during the week. If you have piles of laundry lying around, consider enlisting in help with this monumental task. A wash and fold service will sort your clothes and wash lights from darks, meaning that all of your white socks don’t end up an unsightly greige. Wash and fold service is typically priced by the pound, with some shops having a set minimum. With laundry returned to your folded neatly, this is a real time saver.

2. Bedding and Pillows

If you have ever tried stuffing a comforter or pillows in a standard washing machine, you understand the pain involved. Many home machines need help to handle the bulk of comforters and pillows while safely cleaning the items. A home machine’s wear and tear when stuffed to capacity should also be considered when laundering oversized or weighty materials. Using a dry cleaning service to launder your bedding and pillows is a no-brainer because dry cleaning shops have heavy-duty machines for this type of action.

3. Alterations

Look only as far as an excellent dry cleaning service to find someone experienced in alterations. Many shops have someone dedicated to professionally altering clothing for a reasonable price. Clothes that have been altered to fit you have a polished appearance you don’t get when buying and wearing directly from the store. Look for dry cleaners near me online to find help in alterations.

4. Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are an integral part of the big day, and many brides choose to protect the gown after the wedding by utilizing a dry cleaning service. Accidental spills, body oil, makeup, and soil should all be carefully treated and cleaned before storage. After a wedding dress is cleaned professionally, storage needs to be addressed. Storing a properly cleaned wedding gown by vacuum sealing the item with acid-free paper keeps the dress from discoloring over time. A professionally cleaned and stored dress is invaluable for family heirlooms meant to be passed down for generational use.

Reasonable and Affordable

For reasonable and affordable help with your laundering needs, consider using a dry cleaning service by looking for dry cleaners near me online. From household linens such as table cloths or oversized bedding and pillows, a dry cleaner can save wear and tear on your household washing machine. A professional dry cleaner will offer a list of services, from cleaning to alterations, that will save you time and money while keeping your look sharp and polished.

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