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Semantic Error Mangabuddy: Plot, Cast, and Review

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Semantic Error Mangabuddy is a 2022 South Korean broadcast television series.

It is based on a BL novel by Jeosoori, starring Park Seo-ham and Park Jae-chan.

It premiered on Watcha on February 16, 2022.

Theatrical version of the serie, Semantic Error mangabuddy: The Movie premiered at the 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and was released commercially in August 2022.


Computer science student Chu Sang-woo (Park Jae-chan) is the embodiment of an inflexible and strict person who follows the rules.

While working on liberal art group project with free riders who don’t try very hard.

Sang-woo decides to remove their names from the final submission.

But he couldn’t imagine how committed he would be to the person whose plans to study abroad were ruined by this project.

The person involved the popular campus star everyone knows, Jang Jae-young (Park Seo-ham) from the Design Department.

He has everything from skill, look, family background, and good connections, except for big problem, Chu Sang-woo.

What happen when an engineer and an artist whose personalities are oil and water have to work together?

Jae-young is like semantic mistake in Sang-woo’s perfect world. Will Sang-woo be able to debug this?

Semantic Error Mangabuddy



Park Seo-ham as Jang Jae-young

Park Jae-chan as Chu Sang-woo

Supporting Cast

Kim Noh-jin as Ryu Ji-hye

Cha Jae-hoon as Lee Dong-gun

Song Ji-oh as Choi Yu-na

Kim Won-ki as Go Hyeong-taek

Jung Joon-gyo as Ted Hyung


Lee Kyoung-Yoon as a waiter (Episode 5)

Kim Jong-Hyeon as a customer (eps. 5)

Kim Se-Hyeon as customer (eps. 5)

Jeon Min-Gyu as Customer (Episode 5)

Ryu Gi-Seok as customer (eps. 5)

Drama Review

Sang Woo and Jae Young go from being enemies to lovers in the drama Semantic Error BL.

Semantic Error is a Korean BL series about two college students who are enemies.

A serious programmer and a rebellious artist clash over a school project.

Their hatred escalates to new extremes, defined by little banter and spirited arguments.

As their vendetta begins to unravel, the characters discover that their feelings for each other are much more complicated.


Sang Woo and Jae Young start the series as enemies before their relationship improves.

Sang Woo is an intelligent and serious programming student with a quirky personality.

He is unusually antisocial and prioritizes rational logic over human emotions.

Sang Woo may be top of the class, but he has no friends, and no one dares approach the grumpy programmer.

His independence suits Sang Woo, who prefers to have professional relationships and avoid frivolous contacts.

One day, Sang Woo removes his group members from a school project.

He refuses to give them credit, calling them parasites who didn’t contribute to the work.

His actions have severely affected Jae Young, a fine arts senior and one of the accused free riders.

Jae Young faced academic consequences because of Sang Woo.

As a result, he can no longer graduate from college on time.

Due to his postponed graduation, Jae Young missed a valuable opportunity abroad.

The senior is angry and swears revenge on his annoying classmate.

The problem is that the two have never met face to face, so he doesn’t know where to find his target.

Sang Woo blocks Jae Young’s number, keeps a low profile, and goes about his business.


Many BL fans will love Semantic Error, a sharp and stylish drama that knows how to tell a compelling story.

The dynamic of the fleeting relationship is full of adrenaline, fueled by cheeky leads, quick exchanges and sizzling chemistry.

This exciting romance builds momentum with each episode, culminating in a phenomenal climax that takes my breath away.

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