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Rafi Law Group – Company Overview, News & Competitors

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What Is Rafi Law Group?

Rafi Law Group is a leading personal injury law firm serving auto accident victims in the Phoenix area.

The company has collected millions of dollars in compensation and bonuses for its clients.

It is allowing countless victims and families to walk away from their accidents with the relief they deserve.

Lead attorney, Brandon Rafi, is fluent in English and Spanish and offers a compassionate and understanding approach that puts the client first.

Contact Rafi Law Group today for a free case evaluation and have the legal representation you need for your side today.

Rafii & Associates, PC is a highly experienced law firm dedicated to providing exceptional service and counsel to victims of personal injury accidents.

Suffering a serious injury due to the negligence of another party can have life-changing consequences, including economic loss and financial hardship.

We are experienced and compassionate attorneys who can fight on your behalf to obtain the maximum possible compensation that your life requires.

Philosophy And Approach To Legal Representation

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At Rafi Law Group, our legal team has over 100 years of experience handling personal injury claims and employment law cases.

With extensive experience in California personal injury cases, we have helped our clients recover more than $750 million in settlements and compensation.

We believe that the key to effective personal injury representation is creating an individual case plan for each client.

We maintain open lines of communication with every client, and you can expect personal communication with your attorney.

You retain Rafii & Associates, P.C. to process your personal injury claim in California. Based in Los Angeles County, California, our team also includes employment lawyers and car and truck accident lawyers.

The team at Rafii & Associates, P.C. focuses primarily on personal and work injury cases. Some of the cases we handle involve wrongful termination, workplace misconduct, and workers’ compensation.

Our personal injury attorneys handle claims arising from many situations, including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, construction liability, intentional tort, and other injuries resulting from negligence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rafi Law Group

Where is the headquarters?

Rafi Law Group’s headquarters are located at 2235 North 35th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

What is the phone number?

The phone number is +1 623-388-4333

What is the official website of Rafi Law Group?

The official website of this is

What is the turnover of the company?

The turnover of it is between 10 and 50 million US dollars

What is the Group NAICS code?

The Group NAICS code is 541110

How many employees work here?

The Rafi has 19 employees

What is Rafi Law Group’s industry?

It operates in the legal services industry

Who is the case manager?

The Manager is Maritza Soriano

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