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[pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a] Error Code Solved

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What Does The Email With Error Code [pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a] Mean?

Due to the SMTP server, using a configuration pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a error in the mail client application (Outlook application) for the outgoing mail (SMTP) server pii always results in an SMTP server error.


This error message can also appear if the username or username, server password or server IP.

The address will be sending by email.

If you can’t fix the error, you’ll need to find out the email service provider you’re using, what type of authentication, if any, your server requires.

If you encountered the error code [pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a], it indicates that Outlook is not working properly.

What can you do to make Outlook run smoothly? Here are some simple instructions to follow below.

5 Techniques to Fix Error Code [pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a]

Microsoft Outlook issue on Windows 10, displayed by Outlook Express or Windows Mail, occurs pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a.

Most of these errors occur because the SMTP server suggests that a user stop sending messages if they don’t have the correct protocol settings.


Method 1 – Fix the Problem from the “Programs” and “Features” Tab

Especially, you should put effort to fix and highlight this Outlook Express error via software.

Windows and High Spots Snap-on Lock and Scan Software

For a quick review of the changes, click Repair in the Programs and Features header of the window and follow the instructions on the screen.

Method 2 – Check The Required Worker Settings As Follows

  • Open the program and then Outlook.
  • Take note of the correct file settings.
  • Then you need to select the registry in the Outlook tab of the registry settings window.
  • The next step is to select your account, click on it, and then additional options will follow.
  • Now you need to go to your webmail settings and then click on “Active Agent” in the “Active Agent” tab.
  • The most effective option is to check your SMTP and save your settings, and then press OK.
  • In the meantime, please click Yes and restart the view to see if the problem exists or not.
  • If not, continue with the next procedure. If not, you can click OK to check if the issue is not resolved.

Method 3 – Test For Duplicate Accounts And Remove Duplicate Accounts

Hasn’t the deal been finalized yet? Funds are not to be reviewed.

The solution behind the pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a error could be found in a similar way and deleting records could be the answer.

Take a look at the solutions below:

  • Outlook add-ins menu
  • Settings for recording are displayed in the menu and on the Email tab.
  • You verified and selected the backup account at the time of restore.
  • Snap-on removes an account copied from the image below.
  • Uninstall a copy account in Microsoft Outlook.

Method 4 – Change the Server Port Number

  • Open Outlook
  • Select the file to access your account settings.
  • Click on the account setup email, then select your email address from the dropdown list.
  • An email address is configured by opening a new window.
  • Click Internet Mail Options to see more options.
  • Extended day press
  • Port Amount (S.M.P.T.) from 465 to 587 will remain current.
  • To save the changes, just click OK if you use that wasted “>” multiple times. Look at the next image.
  • Change the SMTP port number in Outlook to change the SMTP port number.

Once installed, you can restart Outlook and it looks like the pii email error is still fixed.

Fortunately, unless Method 5 still exists, the problem is solved.

Method 5 – Check the Antivirus Software On Your Window

If you follow this method, an easy solution could be found to fix the pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a problem.

Make sure your antivirus is disabled to prevent Microsoft Outlook from communicating with your email client.

  • Disable antivirus steps
  • Choose Settings Home
  • Click on Security and update
  • Click on Windows Security
  • Select Virus/threat protection
  • Utilize the settings


The error code [pii_email_2ee5eceae00d7805a70a] is a simple pii solution. Also, al you have to do is follow the previous methods and can get rid of error in a short time.

You can also make sure to use the latest version of MS Outlook, otherwise, update it as soon as possible.


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