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Paradise of Huy Cuong • Talk About Shit

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Paradise of Huy Cuong • Talk About Shit • 2022 – Huy Cuong is one of the few singers who sing lyrical music (leaning towards Bolero) in the Northern music market. If Bolero is “on the throne” with a series of singers in the Southern music market, in the North, this music genre has quite a few singers pursuing it. Therefore, Huy Cuong’s debut and release of Album Vol.3 received enthusiastic support from artists, colleagues, and the audience.

Talk About Shit – Drink for Pain Huy Cuong

“Drink for Pain Huy Cuong – Talk About Shit – 2022” is a profound song about pain and suffering. The piece offers an honest perspective on the human experience through dark melodies and melancholic lyrics.

Talk About Shit – Need Madness Huy Cuong

Need Madness Huy Cuong – Talk About Shit – 2022 is a controversial part that talks the darker side of society. With hard beats and provocative lyrics, the song tasks the status quo and calls for a rethink. It’s a insubordinate wake-up call for anyone keen to question things and take action.

Singer Huy Cuong’s Profile

Singer Huy Cuong's profile

Who is Singer Huy Cuong?

Huy Cuong is a Vietnamese lyricist whose real name is Doan Huy Cuong. He is also a performance organizer for Cai Luong Doan Hai Phong. After 30 years of singing, Huy Cuong has released many music products and recognized a stable position in the Vietnamese music industry.

In July 2016, Huy Cuong out a music DVD. “City of Flying Rain” to celebrate her 30 years as a singer, as well as to celebrate her 50th birthday. Huy Cuong presented this musical DVD after the concert of the same name, held at the Tuoi Tre Theater in Hanoi.

When asked by a reporter why Huy Cuong released a music product so late, this male singer said that he had to overcome age to keep his passion fascinated with art. And now, Huy Cuong only cares about his voice’s depth when standing on stage or in the studio.

The DVD “The City of Rain,” includes many lyrical and Bolero songs. Such as Nostalgia, Sad day, If we are far away, Mother’s heart 2, Love returns the moon and stars, Journal of the two of us. The song “City of Rain” is sung by male singers. This artist is the most polished and emotional. In particular, the song “Waiting for Winter” brought Huy Cuong closer to the audience after active in the 2016 Van Loc Tet program.


  • The City of Rain
  • Eastern Market
  • Engagement – Ft Thu Trang
  • Flashback
  • Mother’s Heart 2
  • If we were to go back
  • One Life, One Forest
  • The Rain Stopped! I Miss You
  • Breaking Lines
  • Dreams of Fire
  • Drink For Pain
  • Finding Game
  • Need Madness
  • Paradise Of
  • Social Action
  • Still Need Shadows
  • Talk About Shit
  • This Is Love

Singer Huy Cuong released his first album after 30 years of singing

Singer Huy Cuong released his first album after 30 years of singing

At 50, Huy Cuong is considered by his friends and colleagues to be “a late blooming flower.” After 30 years of pursuing singing, singer Huy Cuong decided to make his first album to prepare to enter the music path more focused.

After the music night “City of Flying Rain” at Tuoi Tre Theater (Hanoi), singer Huy Cuong has just introduced a DVD of the same name including 9 lyrical songs, to the audience.

As a former Vietnam National Academy of Music student, Huy Cuong came to art as a presenter. He is a familiar face in many cultural and artistic programs and events at home and abroad.

There is a saying, “Old teachers, young singers,” but why has Huy Cuong announced so many new music projects simultaneously?

In response to this question, the singer, who originally came from the Cai Luong stage, answered:

“As an artist, Huy Cuong must dare to take risks, overcome self-esteem, and maintain a passion for art to not worry too much about age. Instead, Huy Cuong only cares about whether or not he has enough composure and calmness to stand on stage or sing in the studio.”

Singer Huy Cuong has officially released the album “City of Flying Rain” – this is the debut music product he has dreamed of for many years of his artistic career.

In the newly released DVD, the music genre that Huy Cuong chose is Bolero and lyrical, with songs such as Love, returns to the Moon and Stars, Nostalgia, Mother’s Heart 2, Sad Day, Diary of the Two of Us, If we way and more.

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