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Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

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Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

Gold (2018): The Dream that Our Nation in 2018 Indian Hindi historical sports drama film written and directed by Reema Kagti and produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. Firstly, It is based on the journey of India’s first national hockey team to the 1948 Summer Olympics and stars Akshay Kumar as Tapan Das, the man who won India his first Gold (2018) medal in the 1948 Summer Olympics. As well as, Mouni Roy, in her Bollywood film debut, Amit Sadh, Vineet Kumar Singh, Kunal Kapoor, Sunny Kaushal and Nikita Dutta feature in supporting roles. And Also You Can Watch This Movie great grand masti full movie

Details of the Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

details Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

Director: Reema Kagti
Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani,Farhan Akhtar
Writer: Reema Kagti
Dialogues: Rajesh Devraj
Star Cast:</strong:  Akshay Kumar

  • Mouni Roy
  • Kunal Kapoor
  • Amit Sadh
  • Vineet Kumar Singh
  • Sunny Kaushal

Musician: Sachin – jigar,  Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Pravo Mukherjee
Cinematography: Alvaro   Gutierrez
Editor: Anand   Subaya
Production Company: Excel  Entertainment
Distributor: A A Films, Zee  Studios International
Release Date: 15 August 2018
Running Time:  151 minutes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Budget: ₹85 crore
Box Office: ₹158.92 crore

How to Watch Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

watch Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

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More About Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

about Gold (2018) Movie Watch Online Movierulz

Gold (2018) began in Berlin in 1936. When the boys of the hockey team in the movie win the match for British India and stand on the podium and take their medals, one edge stands tapped with their country’s flag. And Tapan Das makes a promise to himself – to win a Gold (2018) medal for free India. Tapan Das, manager of the hockey team of British India. And see the same with Sapna Tapan, two more team players – the star of the match and the team captain – Samrat (Kunal Kapoor) and Imtiaz (Vineet Singh).

After World War II, the prospects of the Olympics are minor, and India has reached a lot of freedom. Tapan has learned to relax under the influence of intoxication and cheating. But then, in 1948, the Olympics are announced, and Tapan wanted a chance to take revenge on the British. Hence Tapan dreams of defeating him on British soil, winning Gold (2018) and flying his tricolour there. And there is a price to fulfil this dream which is not easy. But Tapan is also determined – we are a crazy Bengali, love hockey, and love our country.

More About the Story

India’s game is good for reaching the semi-final and winning it. But since he’s not on the player list, Himmat thinks it’s Ragubir’s plot to just let him go. During the holiday, Himmat started a fight with Raghubir, and an argument broke out between them, which destroyed the image of Himmat. Devang and Raghubir tried to explain to Himmat that Tapan had chosen a list of players to play, but to no avail.

Finally, in the semi-finals, Tapan put Himmat on the list to play, but due to other players complaining about his behavior last night, Himmat was not allowed to play. Tapan explained why in league games opponents score good players, but in semi-finals or finals they score, which prevents them from playing well. Although India won the semi-finals, it was a tough fight.

In the final, in the first half against Great Britain, Himmat sat out again with Great Britain scoring 2 goals. For half an hour in the Indian locker room, Tapan argued heatedly with Mehta about Himmat’s need to play when Mehta refused to replace the team at the last minute. Tapan showed everyone the Indian flag and said that he has been wearing it since the Berlin Olympics to make his dream come true. He leaves the room, telling Raghubir that if he doesn’t understand the unity of the team now, then it’s too late for him.

Then the second half began. Himmat was seen playing and then scored with the help of Raghubir. Although the bad weather seemed to favor the British, Tapan asked everyone to take off their shoes to keep their grip on the ground. India finally won the match 4–3 with Himmat scoring a last-minute goal.

Finally, when Captain Devang received the gold medal, the National Flag of independent India was raised and the song “Jana Gana Mana” was played. The proud Tapan ends the narration with “Vande Mataram” (Victory of Mother India) as the song ends and tears of happiness come.


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