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Who is Emily Rinaudo And Is She Mizkif’s Sister?

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Emily Rinaudo is a digital content creator and social media influencer from the United States. She also has a YouTube channel called “herself”. Social media star who rose to fame through her Instagram account.

She gained popularity there for her selfies and lingerie and bikini models showing off her curvaceous figure. He started posting regularly on Instagram in March 2017. He gained over 250,000 followers on Instagram before his main account was deactivated. He was a finalist for Maxim’s Finest in the South Group.

His brother is Twitch streamer Mizkif. She has been romantically linked to fellow social media star Connor Keating. He posted a video of his fishing on Instagram to the song “Tired Of Being Johnny B. Good” by Hank Williams Jr.

Who is Emily Rinuado?

Emily Rinaudo

Emily is an Instagram model and OnlyFans, with over 250,000 followers on IG. Although she has a Twitch channel, Emily doesn’t stream very often, and a YouTube channel where she sporadically uploads.

He did his first Twitch stream on his own channel on February 13. And also, his channel peaked at over 3,000 viewers, a pretty good start for a first stream.

Mizkif called during the show and gave her some advice, as well as suggested she appear on Austin’s dating show: ‘That’s how you get your name,’ he advised .

Is she Emily Mizkif’s sister?

No, Emily Rinuado isn’t really Mizkif’s sister. It’s just a long standing joke within the Mizkif community.

After their first broadcast together, the joke started and Miz has kept it going over the years. She frequently posts YouTube videos with Emily titled “My Sister…”.

However, the meme has become widespread, and various websites incorrectly report that Emily is, in fact, Mizkif’s sister.

Emily Rinaudo

The joke has been great for content, so while it lasts, Mizkif and his fans are likely to keep it going any way they can.

Emily Rinaudo was born in the United States and her real name at birth is Emily Rinaudo. She is 25 years old. She was the founder and CEO of Aire, which she grew into a multi-billion dollar company with hundreds of thousands of users on three continents.


Emily began her modeling career in 2017 at the age of 21 and began modeling and filming. She is also a freelance model who gets many jobs and makes a good living.

Emily started by creating a portfolio on the Model Mayhem website, which helped her work with different photographers and other models. As Emily’s online popularity grew, many companies gave her the opportunity to work for them.

People who follow her on Instagram can often see her wearing bikinis or lingerie to promote a brand on Instagram. Emily loves going to the gym when she doesn’t have to work. Emily has shown off the results of her workouts by posting “before and after” photos more than once.


Emily’s career on Instagram wasn’t enough, so she also entered the Maxim’s Finest contest. The contest was organized by the international men’s magazine Maxim.

Emily is attracting new fans at lightning speeds because she’s pretty. In 2017, Emily began posting to Instagram. At the time, she had over 250,000 subscribers.

But Instagram closed her first account, so she created a second one later. Her first profile may have been removed because she posted things against the rules.

Emily’s main source of income is Instagram, where she has over 150,000 followers since April. Although some of her fans disagree with her and criticize her, her popularity continues to grow.

Emily Youtube

Emily Youtube Channel

Emily doesn’t post as much on YouTube as she does on her Instagram account. But she did bring some viewers to the channel.

On December 11, 2017, she uploaded the first video of herself to YouTube. “MY FIRST VIDEO FOR MY FOLLOWERS” is the name of her first video as a vlog. Emily’s daily vlog shows her going to the store and cooking salmon for lunch.

As of April 2021, Emily’s YouTube channel has eleven videos. Most of the videos are vlogs that show what she does on a daily basis. The videos that she posted from Bali, where she was on vacation, got the most views on her channel. Here you can see her YouTube videos of her.

Emily hasn’t been on this social media platform in a while, so it’s possible she’s been working on other parts of her career.

The general public does not know how much Emily Rinaudo is worth. But due to her successes as a model, influencer, and adult film star, the media believes that she is worth between $100,000 and $1,000,000.


Emily Rinaudo may be unconventional by some people’s standards, but her being a strong, independent woman is where the judgments have to stop. Mizkif’s sister isn’t afraid to show a little skin for business sake, and she seems to be doing pretty well on her own.

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