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Are You Trek Ready? 11 Useful Training Tips!!!

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Trekking appears fun, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Without some basic training before the trek, you may have to return from the halfway as you will be left behind by the professional trekking group.

Following are some useful tips that will prepare you for any level of trekking;

Start Walking:

Obviously, the first step of training is to practice walking as much as you can as trekking may involve hours of continuous walking. Make sure to keep increasing the duration you walk every time to be prepared for the trek.

Strengthen Your Leg:

According to Gymnation, you need to have a muscular leg to be able to trek successfully hence do not just walk but also do other workouts such as cycling, squats, and lunges to strengthen your leg muscles.

Learn to Walk Properly:

Trekking includes you climbing and descending hills hence your walking needs to be perfect. When you place your feet, first your heel needs to touch the ground followed by the rest of the feet. Practice walking this way as it will help you hold your grip and balance body weight especially during the descent.

Take the Stairs:

Trekking involves climbing altitude which requires more stamina than just plain walking hence take as many staircases as you can to build such stamina.

Terrain Training is Mandatory:

Trekking is never on a flat surface, but it is across the terrain with different levels, slopes, steep, rocky, etc. hence do not just practice walking but train yourself to walk on such uneven surfaces.

Train in Different Types of Weather:

You may not be trekking in an ideal weather condition hence you need to prepare yourself for all types of weather conditions beforehand. Train in different weather conditions to get used to it before the actual trek.

Get Used to Walking Poles:

Walking pole is a great trekking gear as it takes some pressure off your knees and helps you give some support throughout the terrain hence practice walking with them.

Train with a Backpack:

Training for a trek is not just about climbing terrains but you will be carrying a heavy backpack while you are really trekking hence you need to train to carry an equal load on your back so that you are well balanced during the trek.

Practice Fueling on the Go:

Trekking needs you to carry enough stock of water and quick food such as dried fruits, chocolate and muesli bar for quick sources of energy. You need to train yourself to be able to eat without stopping as in trekking, you will not get many breaks and you will have to keep your energy levels high by snacking and hydration.

Get Yourself Physically Examined:

Trekking will take you to high altitudes and isolated areas where getting medical help is difficult and may take time to arrive hence you need to be absolutely sure that your body is prepared to go through the difficulty levels of trekking. Other than major health issues, there are also several conditions such as a varicose vein which includes cramps and swelling of legs which may discourage you from going on a trek and instead you will need to visit vein doctor. Get yourself examined by a physician a few weeks prior.

Break Your New Shoes:

Many people get new shoes with great support for trekking, but they buy it just before the trek as they want to preserve their new shoe for trekking. While investing in a new pair of shoes is a great idea but using a brand-new shoe while trekking may not be a great idea. Train with those shoes beforehand so that you do not get shoe bites and another shoe-related discomfort during the trek.

Trekking can really be an experience of a lifetime if you are well prepared and geared up for it hence do not join a trekking group if you are insufficiently prepared, instead, train yourself and wait to join a later group.


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